I studied Law and one of my biggest interests is debating politics!

I needed a babe to be a cake, while I was the icing. Rosie Ashley put her hand up, and #letsbefrank I am glad she did. I spent some time getting to know her, mid lathering her up in my nourishing, Body cream.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

I usually wake up in a panic, thinking I am late for something…

Then, what’s the first thing you do?

Make breakfast and then lie in bed and think about all the things I need todo that day..

When you were growing up what did you want to be?

I am a Gemini so my aspirations change a lot. My dreams have gone from Horse whisperer to Humitarian lawyer to Real Estate agent to actress. However I’ve always had a great love of food, I used to make menus for my mother to read when I was around 10, or actually – I went through a rebellious stage as a teenager when I was adamant that being a mechanic was my chosen path in life, hahaha, very different to my career now.

What do people say now you are a model?

I don’t think anyone is too surprised, I come from a really small town in the south west of England so everyone has been really proud of my success so far….

You travel a lot for work. How do you find this?

A lot of the time I enjoy it. I’m someone that loves the idea of spontaneity. Modelling gives me a new adventure every day and so I’m thankful for that. It does, however, really make me appreciate time at home and the things some people take for granted, like; not spending a ridiculous time in airports or train stations.

What are the 5 things I’ll always find in your hand luggage?

  1. Passport – purely because you can’t travel anywhere without it and because it’s the holy grail to my job.
  2. I-pad – I love writing about life, or an interesting experience I’ve had so I can remember it for the future…. Or just to watch some crap, reality TV.
  3. Sunglasses – Weird, but sunglasses are like…. god’s gift to anyone when they look a bit tired….
  4. I-pod – Music is great, for well… any circumstances!
  5. Chocolate. I have a really bad sweet tooth… 😉

Best thing about travelling for work?

The ADVENTURES are ENDLESS!!! You get to meet so many people from so many backgrounds plus I love exploring. Whenever I come to a new city or country for work I make it a must to explore where we are. My first ever job was a campaign shot in Lisbon. Although we were shooting long days, I couldn’t wait to see what the city had to offer – Jakarta now is one of my favourite spots.

You spend a lot of time with other models. Do you get along with girls or boys better?

I’m actually the youngest of 9 – I have 3 sisters and 5 brothers, so this has made it pretty easy for me to get along with most people quickly.

What can you tell my babes about male models?

DON’T GO NEAR THEM! – haha, I’m just kidding… I’ve worked with some men that are so insultingly good looking it terrifies me a little bit. Interestingly though, I’ve always found male models to worry about their looks more than girls, especially the hair. Male models LOVE their hair.

#letsbefrank, best tip when approaching a guy?

Confidence! You should look at it this way – What are you going to loose? Just be yourself with confidence – its more fun this way too. It’s worth a try and if they don’t like you for you, then realistically they don’t need to be in your life. <3

Working as a model skincare is super important. What are your top tips:

  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise daily. This is super important.
  • Drink water – I read a study where a women drank three litres of water a day for 4 weeks – she looked INCREDIBLE! Your energy levels will go up and your skin will glow.
  • Try to not wear makeup when you don’t need it. I know it’s hard, but makeup is your worst enemy when it comes to bad skin.

Weirdest beauty habit?

I can’t say I have one in particular, however I went to Ecuador once and there was a place where we covered ourselves in mud then jumped in a spiritual pool. I did feel a bit more refreshed after, but it was a bit odd.

And what do you look for in a beauty product?

I try to keep the product as natural as possible, and definitely always, always avoid products tested on animals!

How do you keep your locks so luscious?

Coconut oil is great, for pretty much…. Well – anything! Every one or two weeks I try to deep cleanse my hair with coconut oil. It moisturises the scalp and repairs split ends – it’s also amazing for the skin!

Three things people wouldn’t know about you?

  • Spontaneity: I’m a gemini and I’m obsessed with crazy adventures and deciding things at the last minute!
  • I studied Law and one of my biggest interests is debating politics!
  • I am really determined to learn how to fly… (a plane I mean).

If you were a scrub, what would you be?

Chocolate – because I love the smell of fresh, good quality chocolate! Yum.

Who should I put on my to scrub/dirty talk list?

ANGELINA JOLIE!!! She amazes me as she has raised such a strong family all while following her own career. She’s an inspiring role model for women!

If you too are interested in a babe being a cake, @rozieashley is your girl.

xx frank

I studied Law and one of my biggest interests is debating politics!