I got dirty with an Emergency Department nurse, Renee. She swapped her hospital scrubs for body scrubs as we spoke coffee, self-care, and nursing life.


First things first, what’s your coffee order?

Obviously an almond milk latte. You can’t go wrong.


Why did you choose the nurse life?

I’ve always loved helping people and I find I naturally connect with my patients but also their families. It suits my personality.


What’s a typical day like in ED?

The fucking zoo. It’s madness and is so unpredictable. You never know who’s going to walk through the doors. It’s fast paced and your feet are dead by the end of the shift but you’ve got this crazy adrenalin the whole time that keeps you going.


How do you wind down at the end of the day? Got any self-care tips?

Oh I have so many. I love to take a bath. Or a hot shower. I do yoga. I always have a peppermint tea. I see friends (or call them at the moment). I love to go for a walk. I debrief if I need to and talk to other nursing friends. And every day ends with my favourite place: bed. 


Tell me about your uniform, aka your scrubs.

I wear dark blue scrubs and we also have a matching vest which I love. I’m on my feet a lot so I wear my ASICS shoes (every nurse has ASICS). I also always have a stethoscope, plus hand cream & lip balm in my pocket. Oh and good compression socks are a must.


Okay, now tell me about your other scrubs. 

The Lip Scrub is my absolute favourite. Our lips get so dry working in the aircon all day. So Lip Scrub is a must. I love to use the Hair Mask too as my hair always feels damaged and dirty after a shift. And the Original Coffee Scrub is so therapeutic and just helps me get everything off and start fresh. 


How’s your skin feeling?

Honestly, it’s pretty good considering what I go through as a nurse. There’s so much air-con and wearing a mask every day has a huge impact. But I take good care of it, so it’s okay right now.


What are you favourite skincare products right now? 

Okay so frank’s Lip Scrub and body scrub obviously. I also love Aesop… their hand cream is my favourite. And I love the Mario Badesco facial spray. 


Finish the sentence. When life gets dirty…

That’s when it gets fun.