Melbourne based Photographer Amelia J Dowd has worked me sideways, under tables, and on the floor (strictly for business of course). We got down and dirty recently without the camera and this is what she told me.


How do you take your coffee?

I take very well, thanks for asking.


You know I love how you get my best angles. What’s your most treasured photo?


My most treasured photo is a Polaroid of my Grandpa and sisters when I was about 10.


Tell me a bit about how you got into photography.

I was always fascinated by photography, always had a camera in my hand, even when I was little I begged my parents for different point and shoot cameras. I started by taking photos of my friends (luckily for me, mostly very photogenic actors) and developed black and white film photos in a  DIY bathroom/darkroom at a friend’s house. A bit of luck and a lot of hard work helped me be a professional photographer.


I know what’s in your camera roll, what’s in your bathroom?

I’m skincare obsessed! I absolutely love doing masks after a big day of shooting – especially if I’m outdoors in hot or dry weather – so frank’s Booty Sleep Kit is a must for me. I always wear sunscreen and moisturiser in the day, and always take my makeup off before bed.


Tell me somewhere, someone or something you’d love to capture but haven’t yet.

I’d love to shoot fashion in New York. That’s my next big trip. My dream subject is Cate Blanchett, I’d love to photograph her someday.


How can a babe improve her photos with her phone?

Photography literally means painting with light, so get near some pretty light you pretty thing!


What’s the strangest thing to have happened on set?

Someone once asked me to remove a tree in Photoshop so they could see what was behind it.


Who are some photographers I should work with next?

Georges Antoni is my favourite working fashion photographer in Australia at the moment.


Film or digital?

Film! My favourite film camera is an impeccable Canon AE1 I bought in a little town in Japan on holiday.


Last question. Who should I get down and dirty with next?

Amrita Hepi, who is an incredible artist and dancer.