Cover yourself from top to toe.

Have your cake and eat it, too.

In fact, why not smother yourself in delicious goodness?

The natural, nourishing, caffeinated kind of goodness that is my brand new Body Cream. Because you asked for a thicker moisturiser and I listened.

In babe terms, you be the cake and I’ll be the icing. #justthekindofguyiam

I chose a gentle but potent coffee component – coffee seed extract. And when combined with my natural butters, Shea and Cacao, you’ll be extra soft and supple.

Coconut oil soothes skin to keep it looking it’s best.  You can thank me later.

Adding to my reputable natural nature, I’ve used pomegranate to protect your skin from nasties and green tea to target your tired beautiful skin with it’s well known antioxidant properties.

Less mess, more rub. My body cream is great from top to toe, with its’ creamy texture leaving you smooth, not greasy. It’s hydrating enough to nourish you in the colder weather and absorbs easily for babes who like it steamy.

So the message is simple: scoop, rub, love. Scrubbing before use isn’t essential, but highly recommended.

xx frank