Do you get backne, buttne, chestne, and everywhere else-ne? You’re not alone, babe. 

Why is back, chest and butt acne so obsessed with me?

First of all, who wouldn’t be? Secondly, there are a few reasons body acne won’t leave you alone. Acne is caused by a build-up of trapped oil and it just so happens your back, chest, and butt all have high levels of glands, which is why they’re common areas for acne. 

What are some factors that can contribute to body acne?

Nice butt, no airflow.

Sometimes leggings don’t love you back. Tight, clingy clothing like workout gear can contribute to trapping those oils, resulting in body acne. 

Try to opt for more loosely fitted athleisure gear, and always get changed immediately after you’ve finished your run, barre class, or downward dog.

Hydration station.

When you’re dehydrated, you’re more likely to be flaky and dry. And because you’re flaky and dry, your body thinks, “I should produce more oil because I’m flaky and dry”. 

This means that in an attempt to rehydrate your skin, your body produces more acne-causing oils that get trapped in your pores. The solution: drink up babe. Your emotional support water bottle should be refilled a few times a day.

Smell ya later.

Sometimes your body and your nose aren’t on the same page. Perfumes, lotions, and washing detergents can irritate your skin. 

If you can trace your acne breakout to when you use certain detergents or fragrances, it might be time to find an alternative. 

What about using a salicylic acid body wash?

Great question babe, so glad you asked. 

Using an acne-fighting body wash like A Clearing Body Wash works to clear out pores after you’ve been active (at the gym or in the bedroom).

Salicylic acid goes deep to swoop out pores and clear the acne-causing bacteria that might be trapped in there.

The best bit? Using a body wash for acne a few times a week not only helps with your current back, chest and butt acne. It also hits pause on the cycle of breakouts and prevents future acne alerts. 

It’s like doing a favour for future you. 

What more can you do?

So you’re drinking water, wearing looser clothing, and getting out of your leggings as soon as you’ve finished exercising. What else is there?

Mask it up

Try a body mask twice a week. Masking isn’t just for your face. My Charcoal Body Scrub & Mask contains charcoal, tea tree oil, and caffeine to banish breakouts.

Know your AHAs and BHAs 

While my acne body wash uses salicylic acid (a BHA) to target breakouts, my AHA Smoothing Body Lotion uses lactic acid (AHA) to gently exfoliate and even out the texture of skin, targeting those little lumps and bumps.  Get wet with my Clearing Body Wash, then jump into bed with my AHA Smoothing Body Lotion and let me work my magic overnight. 

Banish stress in 2022

And lastly: stress less. Acne on your back, chest and butt is super common and super treatable so remember these tips and it’ll be smooth sailing from here on. Hakuna Matata.

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