It’s official. I’ve moved into my new home. Where? Well, it rhymes with toots, shoots, and fruits. Okay fine, you’ve twisted my arm. I’m officially stocked in Boots in the UK. Cue the confetti. 


To celebrate, I’m driving my babe-mobile to have a 15 minute break with babes all over the UK. Well-earned, I say. What will we be doing on this break? Well, there’ll be coffee involved. #letsbefrank, it’s not a quickie without it.


If you’re playing along at home, here’s how to take a 15-minute break (AKA a quickie) with me. 


Step 1: Get nakey nakey.

That’s right, take your clothes off babe. It’s an essential step in any quickie.


Time spent: 10 seconds.


Step 2: Scrub up.

Get in the shower and get dirty with my coffee scrubs. You can go Original, Cacao, Coconut, or Express-o. I don’t mind, babe. Whichever version of me you choose, the results will be the same: soft, perky skin. 


Time spent: 5 minutes.


Step 3: Dress up (or down).

Smell that? It smells like freshly ground coffee. Step out of the shower and towel-dry. Then get dressed (or don’t).


Time spent: 2 minutes.


Step 4: Caffeinate (the other way)

Sit back and relax with the other kind of coffee. Latte, cappuccino, double shot espresso; it’s all good, babe. And if you reach for the hot chocolate instead, I won’t judge (much). 


Time spent: 7 minutes. 


Ding ding ding. Your 15 minutes is up. You’re refreshed and highly caffeinated, ready to get on with your day. And if you’re in the UK, don’t forget to check me out in your local Boots for a caffeinated pick-me-up.


Same time, same place, tomorrow?


xx frank