Because it's not just your bod that I love, babe.

You might not have believed it until you saw it, but I most certainly do have a soft side.

It’s still caffeinated of course and it’s definitely smooth.

It’s my new Caffeinated Face Moisturiser, made specifically to hydrate the delicate face on your skin. It’s natural and lightweight, which means it wont clog your pores or make your makeup slide off. It’s nourishing and hydrating.

I want to butter you up with Shea and Cocoa butter, which contain natural antioxidants, ensuring your skin is supple & smooth.

What rhymes with butter? Oil. Well not quite, but poems are hard.

Coconut and Grape seed oil are fast becoming two of my favourite. These natural oils leave your skin soft and smooth, with a subtle glow. They’re also nourishing enough for dry, sensitive skin. I’m good like that.

If I am nothing else, I am the coffee man. Green Coffee Extract full of natural acids that nourish and wake up the skin.

Vitamin E in its most natural form will work its magic to reinvigorate tired skin.

So what you do say babe, are you ready to see my smooth moves?

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Because it's not just your bod that I love, babe.