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A good scrub for a great cause.

Get to know my (very) limited edition Rachael Sarra x Original Coffee Scrub.

Keep on scrolling to meet the artist, learn about the ALNF mission, and get to know my very special scrub.

Bespoke design by Rachael Sarra, an Aboriginal artist from Goreng Goreng country.

100% of profits donated to The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation (ALNF).

Your fave Original Coffee Scrub, dressed up for a good cause.

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Rachael Sarra

Meet the artist.

“I’m Rachael Sarra, a proud Goreng Goreng woman from the Bundaberg area, and I’ve grown up and lived in Jagera country in Ipswich my whole life. I’m an artist and designer and I’m really excited and really proud to work on this collaboration with ALNF.”
- Rachael

About the art.

“A lot of [frank body’s] products are used in the shower, so we have that water element. I really wanted to be inspired by the waterways. And when that water washes over you, it’s a reminder from our past through to our present. And that understanding that we're still here and we're still thriving and surviving. I really wanted to get that across in the artwork to really empower everyone, but to also offer a moment of reflection for those who may be non-indigenous to reflect on where our culture has come from, and how long we've been here, and really get that story across.”

Rachael & Jess
“If you’re wondering how this collaboration came about, my background is actually in ESL teaching. That was how I started my career and I partnered with the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation about five years ago because I believe so much in the importance of the work they’re doing. Having worked within the education system and being the daughter of two teachers, I knew first-hand how vital the assets and the education sources that ALNF provide are.”
- Jess

Why is the work that ALNF does so important?

Because around 44% of Australian adults don’t have the literacy skills they need for everyday life.

This includes some basics like reading and writing; tools that help us with things like filling out forms or communicating to get what we need.

Let’s shower together
to empower together.

to online
Pick up my cult-status Original Coffee Scrub today
and feel good knowing that you’re doing good.

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