If the idea of face oil is freaking you out, this one’s for you. I’ll answer what a face oil is, how to use a face oil, where it goes in your routine (I hear you: DOES a face oil go before or after serums?), and why your skin will thank you for using it.  

What is face oil?

Face oils are oil-based liquid skincare, made with non-comedogenic ingredients (meaning they don’t clog pores). They’re miracle workers for strengthening your skin barriers and soothing skin. 

Should I use a face oil?  

If you’re looking to do more for your skin, with less products and less fuss, a face oil is about to be your new bestie. It focuses on supporting your barrier function aka: it’s the key to getting your best skin ever. Not those super fragranced, overly expensive ones, obviously. Ones like my Super Ceramide Barrier Oil, which is suitable for all skin types, including dry, sensitive, and acne prone skin. 

How to use face oil. 

Here’s my ultimate skin care routine ft. face oil: 

Step 1: Cleanse that cute face.

Give your skincare a clean canvas to work its magic.    

Step 2: Apply serums, lotions, and potions.

Follow your routine as normal with any serums you always apply.  

Step 3: Apply my Super Ceramide Barrier Oil

Use your face oil right after serums. My Super Ceramide Barrier Oil helps protect your skin barrier, keeping things plump, juicy, and protected. 

Step 4: Apply moisturiser. 

Pop your moisturiser on right after your oil. 

Step 5: Apply SPF in the AM. 

If you’re doing a morning routine, remember to protect your skin with SPF as a final step. 

Step 6: Use Super Ceramide Night Cream in the PM.

If you’re doing your evening routine, lock everything in with my Super Ceramide Night Cream. 

How to use a face oil: minimalist edition.

On the run, or just don’t have time for the full routine? Face oils are a powerful all rounder, able to soothe, hydrate, and protect with one product.  

Step 1: Cleanse 

Step 2: Oil

Step 3: Outglow everyone all day 

What does a face oil feel like?

My face oil is super lightweight and made for layering. It’ll look and feel oily (no surprise) on your fingers, but will melt right into your skin once it’s applied, leaving skin juicy and balanced, not oily to the touch.  

What are ceramides and why do I need it on my face?

Ceramides actually exist naturally in your skin. Surprise! They’re hard little workers that bind skin cells together. But after you turn 20, production super decreases. Adding ceramide products into your skincare routine ensures your skin barrier stays happy, healthy, and glowy.

Is the frank body Super Ceramide Barrier Oil right for me? 

I’ve made a lightweight and hydrating face oil that’s an absolute all-rounder when it comes to skin type. Dry, sensitised, oily, acne prone; I’m here for all of your skin’s personalities. Do you have a face? Do you have skin on that face? Then my Super Ceramide Barrier Oil is right for you. 

I’m made with non-comedogenic ingredients so I can regulate the skin’s natural sebum production, assisting with a clear, clarified and luminous complexion. I’ll be your daily defence against dryness, acne marks, breakouts, and impaired barrier function, strengthening your skin barrier for (super) soothed skin. Plus, I’m really fun to use. Try me with a gua sha or other facial tools and see for yourself. Use daily and stress less, babe. I’ve got you covered.