Keep it simple. 

#letsbefrank, not all oils are created equal.


Some oil is bad for your skin: like on greasy pizza or foreheads belonging to boys named Brad. 


Other oils however, are good for skin: like the oil in my Anti-Makeup Cleansing oil.


Here’s why oil cleansing can clear your skin.


Oily skin? Perfect.

Oil cleansers don’t make skin more oily. I’m glad we got that out of the way. An oil cleanser can be used by every babe and every skin type: whether it’s oily like Kim K’s slicked look or dry as a martini.


Good oils remove bad oils. 

Oil cleansers are a little clingy: in a good way. While I’m attracted to your face, they’re attracted to the oils on your face; oils from makeup, excess sebum, food, products, sweat. The oils attach to excess oil, washing it down the drain along with dirt and bad decisions. 


Bye: makeup, dirt, and excess oil. 

Cleansing oil is a better multi-tasker than your ex: dissolving makeup and sunscreen, removing dirt and excess oil from pores, moisturizing your skin. It removes what you don’t want to keep on your skin, and replenishes what skin needs more of: hydration. 


Strip tease, not skin. 

Oil-free cleansers can strip your skin of natural oils and leave it unbalanced, making it produce more oil on its own. The result: breakouts. Oil cleansers don’t strip your skin of natural oils, so skin won’t feel imbalanced or thirsty. Consider a cleansing oil like a tall drink of water for your skin. 


A gentle lover.

They’re gentle for sensitive skin, redness, rosacea, and blemish prone skin. Minimal irritation. The same can’t be said for little brothers. Gentle, but powerful, oils help with skin texture, anti-aging, and soft, hydrated skin. 


Compatibility: 100%.

Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil is compatible with other cleansers, and is designed to work in tandem with them, like my Charcoal Face Cleanser, for a double cleanse.