Not getting any?

Not getting any?

Babe, I can read your mind.


Well, not exactly. But I can read your body language. Which, dun dun dun… is a window to your mind.


Your body language is especially revealing when you sleep. When you snooze, your subconscious mind takes over. So the way your body acts around your partner when you’re sleeping can say a lot about what’s going on in your relationship. 


Psychologists and experts have even studied the way couples sleep together. And they’ve found some pretty juicy secrets about your relationship. Yes, even yours babe.


So, what’s your favourite position?


  1. The Spoon


A classic. Or is it, babe?


The spoon is loved by 18% of couples. Big spoon? You’re likely protective of your partner. Little spoon? You feel vulnerable yet safe with your partner. 


It’s a position of trust. And can turn steamy in less than 5 seconds.


  1. The Casual Spoon


Like the spoon, you take your big/little roles. With a bit more distance. 


Couples that started off spooning, often naturally end up casually spooning. It’s a sign of a more mature relationship; one where you and your partner actually want to get a good night’s sleep.


No hanky panky happening here. Unless…


  1. The Chase


Similar to spooning, but instead of having a balance, one babe is in pursuit of the other. So instead of spooning in the middle of the bed, someone has drifted to their side, and the other person ‘chases’ them.


  1. The Tangle


Let’s get physical, babe. 


This is the most intimate of positions. It’s rare and happens when emotions are intense: at the start of a relationship or after another kind of position, or a few. Wink. 


If it becomes a regular thing throughout a relationship, it could be a sign of two babes who are dependent on each other.  


  1. The Unraveling Knot


What comes after the tangle. Often couples will tangle for 10 minutes, then go to their own sides and sleeping positions.


If you do this, high-5 babe. It’s a sign of a strong relationship; a balance of intimacy and independence. You’re nailing this thing they call ‘sleeping together’, #letsbefrank.


  1. The Butt Kissers


Do you and your partner sleep back to back, with your backs (or your butts) touching?


This is good, babe. You’re relaxed with each other. Although, it’s more common with newer couples, so if you’re still at the stage where you get butterflies when they text, you might find yourself sleeping like this.


  1. The Butterfly


It’s a little like the butt kissers, but with more space in between. If you sleep back-to-back without touching, you’re secure while still being connected. You’ve got each other’s backs, literally. 


27% of couples sleep this way, so it’s one of the more popular positions.


  1. The Cuddle


A crowd-pleaser: the cuddle has one babe lying on their back, the other resting their head on their partner’s chest. Legs are linked or placed over each other’s bodies. 


This position shows a lot of trust in a relationship. Good job, you two. It creates a safe space between a couple, where both feel protected and connected.


  1. The Footsies


You’re sleeping separately, but your toes or feet are touching. If one person is doing all the touching, it means they crave a connection: sexual or emotional.


Mutually tangled legs means you’re intensely connected, even in dream land. You’re a team, a pair, a secret club. When I see you two in the wild, I struggle to name a more iconic duo. 


  1. The Space Hog


Do you find yourself clinging to the side of the bed, desperately trying to not fall off? Does your blanket regularly get ripped off of you during the night, leaving you cold and exposed? 


Uh-oh. Trouble in paradise. 


If one person is taking up all the space in the bed, they could be a little selfish. But don’t panic. Your partner might be adjusting to sleeping with someone else in the bed, so give them time. But if it persists, it might be time for a chat, babe. 



Maybe you do one, or a few of the above.


Next time you cuddle up to your partner, take note of how you’re sleeping together and what the status & temperature of your relationship is like. Ice cold? Too hot to handle? Warm and cosy?

And know whatever positions you find yourselves in, you’re in it together. 


Love, your resident love & sleep guru


xx frank