Ever cut an apple in half, left it out, and it’s turned brown? That’s oxidation, babe. 

You might’ve guessed that antioxidants protect your skin from that same damaging oxidation process.

Antioxidants and free radicals

To fully understand antioxidants, you need to know what free radicals are. And no, they’re not people who hate wearing bras. Or tree huggers on the run. 

Free radicals are unstable molecules that your body produces when it’s stressed out. 

Stressed out skin

Lifestyle factors, stress, and environmental factors promote more free radical production. Think things like:

  • Air pollution
  • Cigarettes
  • Alcohol
  • Toxins
  • UV rays

When there are too many free radicals in your body, it can cause harm. On your skin this looks like:

  • Wrinkling
  • Dark spots
  • Fine lines
  • Loss of firmness
  • Saggy skin

So, what exactly are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are molecules that fight those free radicals in your body.

Your body has its own antioxidant warriors, but vitamins and other nutrients can also help protect your skin from the damaging effects of free radicals.

My Collagen Boost Serum has multiple antioxidants. Vitamin C, ferulic acid, and vitamin E all work hard to protect your skin from obnoxious free radicals. 

Together, they improve fine lines, uneven skin tone, and promote the long-term health of your skin.

My Super Ceramide Night Cream has the natural antioxidant squalane to protect your skin overnight while also packing it with moisture. Make a martini, babe. Squalane is made from olives.

These two products boost the antioxidants in your skincare routine to keep you more protected for longer and slow down signs of ageing. 

Tell free radicals to eff off and use skincare that future you will thank you for. 

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