Sweat is normal. Like pretending you’re the main character in a music video when you’re in the car on a long road trip; everybody does it. And with sweat, comes the smells. But babe, it’s not sweat you should be mad at. It’s the bacteria that causes the smells. What am I talking about? Keep reading and find out. 

What is sweat?

Sweat is 99% water. The other 1%? Things like sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Ever had salty sweat in your eyes or a sting on your skin? That’s the sodium, babe. Keep calm, chug a sports drink and carry on.

Why do you sweat?

Your body is smart. Sweating is your body’s way of cooling down after exercise/spicy food/a round of drinks/a first date. Sweating helps release heat, keeping your body at the right temperature. Consider it your very own built in A/C. While pups pant, babes sweat.

Why does sweat smell?

Sweat doesn’t actually smell. Mind blown. So why do your pits after 45 minutes of cardio or a job interview? Well babe, there are teeny tiny bits of bacteria that live under your arms. When your sweat comes in contact with the bacteria, they mix together and the smell is released. Deodorant helps minimise the smell. Bonus: my Clean Deodorant also soothes your precious pits. No smells, no irritation. 

Why shouldn’t you block your sweat glands?

When you block your sweat glands, there’s a chance your body can overheat. Blame aluminium–the ingredient in antiperspirants that does the blocking. Keep it out of your personal care and save it for your leftovers. And instead of reaching for that no good aerosol on the shelf, pick up one of my Clean Deodorants instead. I’ve left aluminium off the ingredient list to stop smells and soothe skin, without blocking or getting in the way of your body’s natural thing.

What to do about sweat?

Whatever you want, #letsbefrank. You can avoid triggers like spicy food or hot drinks. You can regularly wash your body to kick bacteria to the curb. You can use a deodorant to get rid of the smells while keeping your body cool. You can confidently wear grey to your next boxing class.


So go forth and sweat babe. Keep your body clean with my Clean Body Wash. Keep smells where they belong (the bin) with my Clean Deodorant. Scented or unscented? The choice is yours.

xx frank