Exfoliation is the name of my game. I want babes to exit their showers feeling like silky baby dolphins. Both my coffee scrubs and sugar scrubs will get you there. So, what’s the difference between the two?


Why scrub with coffee?

My coffee scrubs are a little grittier and use coffee grinds and coffee seed powder to buff away dead, dry skin. Call it tough love. Coffee is also packed with antioxidants to nourish your skin. Plus they’ll leave your shower smelling like a large cappuccino. 


Why scrub with sugar?

My sugar scrubs still get the job done, but are slightly softer with finer granules. They’ll melt on your skin and leave you hydrated and glowing. They also smell sweet enough to eat. But please don’t babe. I’m for scrubbing only. 


Meet the coffee scrubs.


ORIGINAL COFFEE SCRUB: The first on the scene. Smells like coffee, looks like coffee, made with coffee. It’s the closest you’ll get to coffee besides an actual espresso.


PEPPERMINT COFFEE SCRUB: A post-workout scrub for babes who like to booty drop. Smells like coffee & peppermint. A little tingly, a lotta steamy.


COCONUT COFFEE SCRUB: It’s a vacation in a bag. Smells like coffee & coconut. It’s also nut-free, so it’s a keeper for sensitive skin. 


CACAO COFFEE SCRUB: Rich, nourishing, and crumbly, like cake. Smells like coffee & chocolate. Resist all temptations to eat me, babe.


EXPRESS-O COFFEE SCRUB: My first whipped scrub. It’s coffee with a little cream. So you can use it on dry or wet skin. I call it less-mess, scrub express.


CHARCOAL BODY SCRUB + MASK: Charcoal and coffee come together in my first scrub that doubles as a mask. Because masking isn’t just for the face. I know babes want blemish-free skin on their bodies too.


A-BEAUTY COFFEE SCRUB: A coffee scrub from down under, for all over. Made with coffee + Aussie ingredients like eucalyptus & kakadu plum, it’ll leave you brighter than a bluebottle.


Meet the sugar scrubs.


SHIMMER SCRUB: For babes who don’t just go to the party; they are the party. Sugar gets you smooth, while environmentally-friendly mica gets you shimmering like a disco ball.


BIRTHDAY CAKE SCRUB: My Birthday Cake Scrub is exfoliating and extra hydrating. It smells like a sugar and coconut cake. And leaves you looking like a sweet slice.


LIP SCRUB: That’s right, I’ve got a sugar scrub for your lips too. Sugar gently buffs away flakey bits, naturally plumps for soft, sweet lips.


I’ve even got a salt scrub.


IN YOUR DREAMS. Don’t think I forgot about this salty number. Made with Epsom salt, it’s a gentle scrub and a calming bath soak. For when life feels a little stressful. So, right now. 


And if you can’t have coffee without a little sugar, my coffee-based scrubs are your go-to. While sugar isn’t the main ingredient, they all have a sweet side.


xx frank