A lush night time routine is integral to a babes’ self-care. A cup of tea. A bath. A Peppermint Coffee Scrub. A vibrator. A Netflix binge. But #letsbefrank, how you choose to spend your evenings is none of my business.  What is my business: your skin. 


If it seems like you’ve been doing everything right and yet still suffer from dry skin or body acne, it’s probably time to zoom in on your soap – and dig for dirt. 


Let’s set the scene. 

*cue soap-opera music*:


Scene 1: Babe has sensitive skin.

Scene 2: Babe uses soap, every night.

Scene 3: Babe’s skin breaks out and feels dry, itchy and flaky.

Scene 4: Babe realises – *dun dun* – it’s been caused by soap all along. 


Shock, horror. How dramatic. 


I prefer to be anti-drama: in life and skin. If you find yourself getting dry, flaky skin after your nightly soap, it’s time you switched to a soap-free, sulphate-free, fragrance-free wash, like my Clean Body Wash. It’ll leave you feeling clean, fresh and hydrated, sans the flake.


Cons of common soaps and body washes


Let’s break it down, before you break out. 


Soaps remove the natural (and needed) oils from your skin.

You know that totally natural oil you produce on the reg? Yeah, that’s actually necessary for your skin’s function and feel. You see babe, your skin is clever-er than you think. Naturally produced oils prevent your skin from drying or getting damaged. The use of soap strips those oils away, leaving your skin prone to: acne, irritation, and frustration.


Soaps contain high pH level.

It’s simple math, really. Your private parts have a normal pH between 3.5 and 4.5. This is the sweet spot. And keeps your bits feeling fresh and ready for action (wink). Soaps found in generic body wash contain a high pH level – throwing your balance way off. That’s why my Clean Body Wash is balanced to be the same pH as your skin – so it can go places other body washes can’t – without wreaking havoc on your hoo-ha. 


Soaps contain caustic soda (a.k.a lye).

This soda is worse for your skin than your coca-cola habit (guilty pleasures, I know babe). Caustic soda may look harmless, but it can irritate a babe more than a poor WIFI connection. 

Stripping off your clothes: nightly. Stripping your skin of natural oils: no chance.


Clean body wash benefits

So, the soap opera has been cancelled. Now what? We go clean. With my Clean Body Wash.


The benefits of getting wet with me every day:


I’m good for vulva health. 

In more ways than one, babe. I treat your private bits with the care they deserve. Gentle, patient, drama and fragrance-free – a.k.a just the way you like it.  


Hydrates your skin. 

The beauty of my Clean Body Wash (besides you at the end of it), is that I know how to work you all over. Private parts included. What does this mean? It means I save the dirt for the talking and keep you feeling clean and fresh. 


I don’t discriminate. 

No matter your size, shape, curves, skin type (see: sensitive), I work to please you. No soaps or fragrances means I can be flirty with babes, and friendly with skin.


frank xx