We decided we wanted to be more open about our relationship. It's love and it's beautiful.

We decided we wanted to be more open about our relationship. It's love and it's beautiful.

I met up with the creative couple, Sally & Mitch who are as open and expressive about art as they are their sex life. #letsbefrank I’m not complaining.

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?

S: Sometimes the ocean, sometimes the sun. Mitch’s eyes. Sex. Coffee. You know. The usual.

M: Usually Sal wakes me up, kissing my face – it’s lovely. I usually drag-out having to actually get out of bed for as long as possible, then i’ll usally go outside and suss the weather…

Then, what’s the first thing you do?

S: I wake Mitch up with kisses, whispering morning to him hehe. I’m a morning person!

M: I watch the sunrise either from home through our jungle front yard or drive to the coast to watch it.

You’re a pair of artists. Is that how you met?

S&M: Art is definitely what brought us together, I arranged for us to meet after being fascinated by Mitchs work. The rest is sort of history.

How do your styles distinguish?

M: Although our work is similar in terms of colour pallet and occasionally design, they’re both completely different worlds of art. Mine being resin and Sals being mainly acrylic. Same same, but different.

The one thing the other one of you can do, which you admire in art?

S: Mitch is the best in the world at what he does. I have never seen anything more beautiful than his artworks. His art has the ability to take you somewhere really special. It effects everyone who has seen it. It’s really his gift.

M: Sal’s work is amazing, I actually used some of her work and colour pallets as inspiration for my more recent stuff…

Mitch, if you could create art for one person, who would it be? Dream client?

Leonardo DiCaprio… absolute legend.

The hardest thing about working in the same industry?

S: It’s actually not hard but really enjoyable. We bounce off each other, keeping each other motivated & have a lot of fun really.

Mitch, Is Sally your muse?

Of course, more than; she’s my world. Our relationship is my world. I’ve been through a few relationship in my time I’ll admit, so i know how good this is. She’s f**king amazing and I know how lucky I am.

Sal, tell me about your beauty regime?

I love essential oils. I lather myself in them after every shower. Other then that I’m really relaxed. I don’t often wash or do anything with my hair (haha… I semi have dreads). I use frank once a week and try to moisturise when I remember.

What products or ingredients are essential to you?

S: I definitely keep it organic and plant based.

You spend a lot of time in various waterholes/locations. What is your favourite and why? And when will I make my next out of the bathroom feature?

S: The ocean is definitely always my favourite place. A calm day out broken head is always a dream. Mitch and I have lots of little secret spots but they have to stay secret heheh 😉

Recently, you two have been creating waves on social with some suggestive captions. What’s the deal?

S: Yeah haha… We didn’t think the response would be so insane. We just had a picnic over New Years and decided we wanted to be more open about sex, as its love and beautiful. It was Mitch’s idea and I rolled with it. 🙂 Sex is really important to us and a really creative outlet. It’s something we want to celebrate.

#letsbefrank I’m not complaining 😉

Where did this inspiration come from?

S: Mitch has always been really creative with love making but having me – a partner who encourages it and wants to be open about it really got the inspiration flowing! We just want to encourage people to explore it and be comfortable with it, and each other.

#letsbefrank you can tell the opposite sex one piece of advice. What is it?

M: Be yourself and be confident – there is nothing sexier.

And lastly, who should I get down and dirty with next? Go on, aim high.

M: Nude_yogagirl – she’s incredible

We decided we wanted to be more open about our relationship. It's love and it's beautiful.