Hello, this is your face. It’s thirsty.

You know when the barman calls last drinks? That’s what your face is yelling, babe.

Time to give it a nice big drink (maybe sans vodka) and get it looking healthy, glowy and happy again.

Read on, 5 tips await.

Tip 1. Drink some god damn water.

Why do I have to keep saying this to you? You’re not going to wake up one day and this be untrue. Just do it.  Try Plant Nanny if you suck at it, the frankfurts in my HQ have been known to use this app to remind them to drink up.  #letsbefrank

Tip 2. Eat your water.

If you’re still cringing over tip 1, you can eat your water instead. To a point.
– Cucumber is 96% water and you can use the leftover slices over your eyes while you wear my Glow Mask. Win win.
– Iceberg lettuce. Low on flavour, high in water. Eat it and shoosh.
– Watermelon. Finally something you can get on board with, I hear you say. It’s also full of lycopene, a super powered antioxidant.

Tip 3. Stop using anti-blemish treatment.

These things are usually packed with nasty chemicals that get your skin in a cycle of dryness that leads to excessive oil production that leads to breakouts. Get it? Breakouts need hydration in order to regulate oil production. That means you need a gentle cleanser that detoxfies whilst repairing the skin and a calming moisturiser. It will feel strange at first, but your skin will thank you in the long run.

Tip 4. Turn down the water temperature.

As tempting as it is to have a scolding hot shower, your skin and hair hate it. Try a luke-warm shower and you’ll notice a difference straight away. Pro tip: make it icy cold at the end to seal the hair shaft and make your hair shine.

Tip 5: Put your moisturiser on while your skin is damp.

Feels weird, works a treat. Pat your moisturiser on whilst your skin is still damp and ready to absorb the product. Remember, everything you put on our body ends up in your body, so make sure you choose natural, non toxic skincare.

x frank

Hello, this is your face. It’s thirsty.