Simple, easy changes for smooth, glowing skin.

Simple, easy changes for smooth, glowing skin.

Unlike learning to uni-cycle, losing weight or that alcohol-free, fun-free detox you tried last year;  here are four resolutions that are easy to keep and good for your skin.

Remember babes, a new years resolution doesn’t always need to be about giving something up; the best resolutions are about adding something positive to your life.

Doing something little, like starting a proper skincare routine, can end in something great; like smooth, glowing skin. Follow these easy resolutions and this time next year you’ll be thanking me.

Wash your face every night.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; do not go to bed with your make up on a) you’ll wake up with it smeared across your pillow and b) your skin will suffer. Take five minutes before your go to bed and invest (the money and time) in an easy, fuss-free face regime; cleanse, scrub, moisturise. It’s not that hard.

Oh and looky here I happen to have an easy, three step face regime, all bundled up and ready to go home with you.

Switch to natural skincare.

Detox your skin. You already care about what you put in your body now it’s time to take note of what you put on your body. Take a look at the products you are currently using- if you don’t recognise any of the ingredients listed on the bottle look them up. Through away anything that’s out of date or full of harsh synthetics. Your skin absorbs everything you put on it. That’s why I use safe, naturally-derived ingredients in all my products. I like to follow the rule ‘less is more’ in most aspects of life including clothes, make up and stuff. Get rid of products you’re not using anymore and learn to live with less.

Wear sunscreen. Everyday.

In the wise words of Baz Luhrmann; everyone is free to wear sunscreen. The long term benefits of sunscreen are proven by scientists. Make sure you use a sunscreen that has SPF and UV protection all year round- every day. If you need any more inspiration just look at your tan leather boots and imagine your skin looking like that. You can’t stop your skin from ageing but you can slow down the process.

Treat yo’ self.

This one’s my favourite. Have a night in and DIY spa. I’m thinking Beyonce, full body scrub, face scrub, mani, pedi, fluffy bath robe and lots of snap chatting. Regular scrub sessions are important for exfoliating away dry, dead skin. You work hard babe, you deserve it. Invite your friends around and make it a scrub party.

Remember, friends that scrub together stay together.

Now go forth frankfurts, let’s make 2016 the year of great skin.

xx frank

Simple, easy changes for smooth, glowing skin.