Don’t judge, but when I was growing up I remember when Glee covered – “Do ya think I’m sexy."

Don’t judge, but when I was growing up I remember when Glee covered – “Do ya think I’m sexy."

My talk with Jess was less dirty and more sleepy, done from the comfort of her bed and my bathroom, #letsbefrank. Jess Cerro, also known as Montaigne is the latest vocals to be serenading my babes. I hear you babes like her latest single, Because I love you almost as much as I do.

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?

I gotta brush my teeth…

Then, what’s the next thing you do?

Brush my teeth.

And most importantly, how do you take your coffee?

I don’t drink coffee.. Sporadically if the situation arises, I’ll have a latte with almond milk which I like… But I’m really into Water & Tea – especially Lemongrass & Ginger – Gotta look after my throat!

You’ve just released your debut album, Glorious Heights and been on tour with Boy & Bear, Megan Washington and The Hilltop Hoods, AND sold out your own tour. How do you keep your energy levels up during the long days and nights when on tour?

Go to sleep as soon as possible… Eat properly throughout the day… And try and find time to rest when I can. If the weather permits, I like to go for a jog & get some fresh air.

Born in the 90’s, inspired by the 80’s. Tell me a bit about this:

Def 80’s inspired. Listening to a lot of Talking Heads when writing & Freddie Mercury.

Your single Because I Love You, is something I’d like to get down & dirty to… So much music is about love and heartbreak, why do you think this is? And why is this an important subject for you to explore in your music?

Wellllllll yes, a lot of music is. Sure, I broke up with a boyfriend, wrote about it. Everyone has an ex. But what you’d be surprised to hear is that a lot of the songs that sound like they’re about love, are more platonic relationships. It’s all about perception.

You’ve got a pretty amazing set of pipes. Did you always want to musician? If you weren’t, what would you be?

Yeah, always. Since a young age. I was raised with music on and around me. My parents were not particularly musically talented, but they love it. They were super encouraging and essentially facilitated where I am today.

If I wasn’t in music, I wanted to be anything and everything. But it would have to be creative… I always liked the idea of being a video developer or graphic designer… Or better yet, a female David Attenborough.

Who is top of your list to collaborate with?

If you let me dream big (massive, huge): David Byrne. Willow Smith. Lorde.
This year however I’m hoping for: DD Dumbo – his new song is pretty awesome. And Japanese Wallpaper.

Bath or shower?


Extraordinary Machine – Fiona Apple.

Tell us about your skincare routine?

Simple. Vegan. Exfoliate & moisturise. Morning & night. And I make sure I drink lots of water.

Skincare/beauty items you can’t live without?

Paw paw & Red Lipstick… However, I don’t really need them.. I could probably do without them if society didn’t want me to look half presentable.

What does chilling out look like for Jess Cerro?

Well, I’m pretty chilled right now having an interview at 245pm from my bed… but in all seriousness, for me it’s chatting with friends on social or discovering new music. I’m also really into health & cooking – and researching these things. I watch a lot of videos about general health & also love to find new recipes to make. Being vegan, it helps if you are handy in the kitchen so this is something I’m working on.

Oh, or practising Spanish.

Song to pump you up?

Come on Eileen. – Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

Song for the sad times?

Hero – Regina Spektor.

A song that makes you feel sexy?

Don’t judge, but when I was growing up I remember when Glee covered – “Do ya think I’m sexy.”

Lastly, if anyone could get down and dirty with frank body next, who would it be?

My sister – She takes much more physical care of herself. She’s a really good influence on me & also Vegan.

xx frank

Don’t judge, but when I was growing up I remember when Glee covered – “Do ya think I’m sexy."