Is your skin angrier than Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen? I’ve got the recipe to solve your skin concerns. And it doesn’t involve making a Michelin star meal.

First step: Don’t overdo it.

When your skin is feeling irritated, red, and more sensitive than the contestants on Love Island, you need to give it some space. Peel back on the skin peels and active ingredients. Even try to avoid products with fragrance as they may irritate your stressed out skin. My Super Ceramide Face Oil is fragrance-free, just by the way.

Second step: Repair your skin barrier.

How do you repair the barrier? Great question. Look for ingredients that support your skin barrier and protect against irritants. Enter: ceramides. Little cuties that essentially work like glue for your skin cells to keep out the bad guys. This means they’re also great at reducing water loss. Hydration is another important factor for repairing your skin barrier. Look for squalane, which deeply hydrates and traps moisture in.

Third step: Revise your routine.

Hero skin soothing products for every step of your routine.

Cleanse with my Nourishing Face Wash feat. the previously mentioned superstar squalane.

Then layer from thinnest to thickest, starting with my Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum to boost hydration.

Followed by my Super Ceramide Barrier Oil and Super Ceramide Night Cream.

Bonus hack: Try mixing my Super Ceramide Night Cream and Super Ceramide Barrier Oil together to get a thinner consistency that feels less heavy on the skin.

Another bonus hack: My Glow Mask is non-active and packed with antioxidants to protect your skin while offering massive hydrating and soothing benefits. A good alternative to your usual weekly treatments, if you mask me.

Fourth step: When skin is stressed, do less.

Lazy babes, celebrate. 

The main goal is to reduce what you’re putting on your skin. So use the oil that does it all. Get balance back and skin on track. Remember: Less is more for every pore.