Arm at that awkward stretch, filter at the ready.

Arm at that awkward stretch, filter at the ready.

There’s a lot going on in selfie mode. And don’t even get me started on the selfie stick. It’s just dangerous. If I had arms, I would give you a personal lesson. Instead, I’ve called on my #frankcrush (above), Natasha Oakley from Bikini a Day to share some of her best tips.

Go-go gadget arms.

“Extend your arm as far as you can, extreme close-ups can be a bit much. Find the easiest way to hold your phone and click the button so your hand doesn’t shake and take a blurry picture.”

Light, right.

“Try to have the light hitting your face, avoid direct/harsh sunlight and never have overly bright backgrounds that will wash out/pixelate the photo.”

Look into your BFF’s eyes.

“When it’s just yourself in the photo you can get creative with the composition, however when there is more than one person in the shot, try to have each person’s eyes at the same level and put your heads together (even if it feels a bit awkward).”

Stay classy.

“Keep your tongue in your mouth, and the photo should only include a tasteful and classy amount of cleavage, if any, we want to see mostly your beautiful face.”

I love selfies, especially ones where I can get involved. That’s why I created The Grind High Club: four mini coffee scrubs to travel the four corners of the globe or the four corners of your bathroom. Don’t forget to send them my way on Insta with #thefrankeffect.

xx frank

Arm at that awkward stretch, filter at the ready.