So you’ll look like you make good life decisions even when you haven't.

So you’ll look like you make good life decisions even when you haven't.

I can’t stop your eyes from looking cross-eyed, your skirt being tucked into your underwear, or remove the flirtatious words you uttered to your hot boss, but I can help you stop pimples.

Keep hydrated.

One glass for you, one for your skin. Dehydration is a big cause of skin issues. That’s what can make you oily and patchy, all at once. Keep your water intake up between champagnes so your skin gets a good drink, too. If you believe wine is water, opt for my Glow Mask. It drenches your skin in hydration thanks to shea & cocoa butters, while a concoction of berry goodness pumps up brightness & radiance. Result? A face that looks like it lives on a human and not a mannequin. 

Keep it healthy (kind of).

For some reason, we eat food around this time like we may never eat again. We inhale fried chicken, fried tofu, fried anything in small little napkins and declare it dinner. I don’t know if you remember the food pyramid, babe, but it did not include men in black jackets and something called “street food”. Keep up your greens and lay off the carbs and sugar. Those two guys are like hooking up with your ex, you always regret it the next day. 

Keep it clean.

Sort of. Have more layers of foundation on than a Black Forest cake?  Scoop up some coconut oil and massage it around your face. This will dislodge all those false eyelashes, glitter, highlighter, mascara & purple eyeliner.

No coconut oil? Let me get stuck in with my Creamy Face Cleanser. Charcoal removes all the crap that’s made its way into your skin, which can cause havoc on the outside in a few days time. Use me twice if you went a bit too mental with the foundation brush.

Keep it smooth.

With some exfoliation. Unclog all your pores and declare it Christmas with my Creamy Face Scrub . It’s made with coffee grinds and coffee seed oil to wash away dirt, bacteria and last week’s makeup. Just the things pimples like to feed on. The result? Rosy cheeks that look like you’ve just been hiking.

Keep some kind of sleep routine.

Because that’s when your skin heals itself, babe. 8 hours means your face will clear up much faster compared to just 8 minutes. My Booty Sleep Kit comes with my Glow Mask and a cute-as eye mask so you can get 8 hours in the car, in the airport, in bed or wherever you may end up.

Happy holidays,

x frank.

So you’ll look like you make good life decisions even when you haven't.