Slay babes, not skin.

Halloween: when babes wear three-inches of body paint, three inches of fabric and consume at least three kilos of candy all for one night of fright.

It’s a threesome that could haunt you well after Halloween.

So here’s how to keep those pesky ghouls (aka: breakouts) at bay:


Kick the candy.

Not violently, you bad-ass babe. Candy contains sugar, carbohydrates and other nasties that can cause breakouts. Not to mention it will make your energy levels rise and fall. And no witch needs that on their broom. #letsbefrank.

Protect yourself against evil.

Some use onions, I suggest my Charcoal Face Cleanser. It washes away impurities without stripping your skin. Follow up with a primer, to protect your skin against heavy makeup, glitter and added eyeballs.

Get rid of the glue.

Babe, put down the glue gun, let’s leave that for Sunday arts and crafts. Glue can tear the skin when it’s removed, so use my Body Balm instead. Smear me on the spots where you want your glitter to go. I’ll make you a little shiny too. #letsbefrank, even corpses need a glow.

Drink blood.

Water will do fine too, babe. You might want to look dead, but no babe wants to feel dead.


You’ve tormented the town. Now here’s how you make up for all that bad-ass behaviour.

But please babe, do it before bed.

Treat your wounds.

That ghash on your face has got to go. Start with my Charcoal Face Cleanser and my Original Face Scrub, second. The finer coffee grinds gently buff away dry skin and heavy makeup. Follow up with my Caffeinated Face Moisturiser: coconut, almond and grapeseed oils soothe and hydrate skin without blocking pores. See, no nurse costume needed.

Scrub away all that naughty.

This calls for my Peppermint Coffee Scrub. The roasted and ground Robusta coffee beans will buff away all that body paint, while my peppermint oil will make you feel alive again. Because #letsbefrank, even vampires need to scrub.

Now you can retreat to your coffin bed.

Just don’t forget your fangs.

x frank.