Shopping for gifts is hard, #letsbefrank. I’ll make it easy for you. Scroll to find the person you’re buying for this year. See what gift I’ve recommended. Add to cart. Checkout. Receive endless brownie points from your happy gift-receiver. 


A gift for your sister: The Out of Towners Kit.

Why? With four of my cult-favourite scrubs, she’ll be spoiled for choice. You can keep even keep one for yourself, #letsbefrank. 

A gift for your stressed mumma: The Dream Team Kit.

Why? It’s been a big year. This kit comes with my relaxing In Your Dreams Sleep Scrub & Soak, plus my calming Anti-Drama Face Mask. So she can sit back, relax, and forget about 2020 (for 20 minutes at least). 

A gift for the skincare obsessed: The Mega Complexion Crew Kit.

Why? My biggest kit for your bestest babe. This kit is the ultimate routine for the skincare obsessed. Comes with my Original Face Scrub, Charcoal Face Cleanser, Caffeinated Face Moisturiser, Glow Mask, Anti-Drama Face Mask, and Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil. 

A gift for the scrub lover: My Mega Scrub.

Why? My Original Coffee, supersized. It’s a triple shot of coffee, for three times the scrubbing (and smooth skin). With over 20% savings for you, it’s more affordable than buying three Original Coffee Scrubs. 

A gift for the babe who has no time: My Brightening Vitamin C Mask.

Why? It’s my active mask that multitasks. It gets to work on dull, damaged skin in 5 minutes flat. Glycolic acid exfoliates, lactic acid hydrates, salicylic acid clears congested pores, and vitamin C brightens your sweet cheeks. 

A gift for the babe who is always on the go: The Mini Me Kit.

Why? It comes with mini versions of my best-selling face and hair products. They’ll fit in her bag (or even her pockets, #letsbefrank) so she can have glowing skin and luscious hair, no matter her zip code.

A gift for the babe who is soon to be (or just became) a baby mumma: The Baby Mumma Kit.

Why? This kit comes with three scrubs to soften her bump and help take on her stretch marks. Includes my Original Coffee Scrub, Coconut Coffee Scrub, and Express-o Coffee Scrub. Plus a free sleep mask for midday naps. 

A gift for the babe who wants one product to do everything: My Fizzy Body Scrub.

Why? This bad boy does it all: exfoliates for smooth skin, hydrates for soft skin, and brings the party to your shower. Dress code: nothing.


A gift for the babe who is new to skincare: The Pore-ifics Kit.

Why? This simple 3-step routine is the perfect introduction for babes who want clear, glowing skin. Includes my best-selling Original Face Scrub, Charcoal Face Cleanser, and Caffeinated Face Moisturiser.

A gift for the fussiest babe you know: The Scrub Fest Kit.

Why? This kit comes with three different scrubs for her three moods. Fizzy for when she’s craving fun. Original Coffee Scrub for when she needs to caffeinate and smooth things over. In Your Dreams for when she needs to relax and soothe her skin (and her sins).

A gift for yourself: My Butt First, Coffee Kit.

I didn’t forget about you, babe. Why my Butt First, Coffee Kit? It’s the kit that makes you feel good. Really good. Because after all that spending on everyone else, you deserve some TLC too. (And caffeine). It also comes with a free reusable coffee cup: my extra gift to you.