Early this year in response to the Black Lives Matter Movement we made a promise to be better. As we’re a brand that believes in walking our talk we wanted to give you an update on what we’ve done and what is still to come. For us this isn’t a box we need to tick. It’s an ongoing commitment and one we’re dedicated to.


Diversity Policy

– We’ve updated our recruitment policy to be more inclusive and actively worked to encourage diversity.

– We’ve updated our Equal Employment Opportunity & Anti Bullying policy to be more specific and encourage all team members to call out any discriminatory behaviour. 

– We’ve begun our paid internship partnership with INROADS and have successfully onboarded our first, very talented intern from this program.



We’ve conducted company-wide Inclusion and Diversity Training focused on removing unconscious bias with Diversity Australia. This will be followed up with more specific training for senior management and the US team in 2021. 


Community Program

Each of our team members has 4 days per year committed to volunteer work specifically with organisations that fight racial injustice and support equality. 


This year frank NY team members volunteered at New York Urban League’s career week. And in 2021 we are introducing Empowerment Days. Open days where we welcome students from marginalised backgrounds to frank HQ for a day of learning, mentoring with each department. 


We are currently in talks with a number of organisations but if you are an organisation that would like to talk about how we could support you please get in touch. 



Monthly diversity reviews of all our marketing content have begun ensuring we are consistently improving our representation of the real world.  


What’s still to come:

– Replicate our paid diversity internship in Australia.

– Formalise ongoing relationships with organisations to meet our Community Program goals.

– Ongoing education and awareness training.  

– Ongoing marketing reviews.