Every babe's got a type

For sensitive types.
Precious babe, if I could wrap you in bubble wrap I would but all I got is coffee. If the rougher stuff is making  you nervous, give Express-O a go. He’s the softie of the scrub bunch. A whipped version of my OG that’s packed with cinnamon to fight nasties, scars and lumps in the softest, cleanest way possible.

For tough lovers.
Dry skin babes, look no further. Like a bad boy with a bike, my Cacao Scrub is proof naughtier is better. Don’t let the chocolate scent fool you, this antioxidant rich scrub packs a punch to give you the most hydrating finish there ever was.

For sweat breakers
If you like to move then you’ll love to scrub with Peppermint. My minty fresh base makes me the perfect opponent to fight bacteria and breakouts post-workout.  It’s packed with mentol to get all up in the face of bacteria causing breakouts then knock them out in one punch. It also likes to take you for a spin class in the shower.

For corporate ladder climbers
Face it, you see more of the office maintenance crew than your friends but that’s the price you pay when you’re working your way to the top. The other price? Dull skin. That office lighting isn’t the friendliest
companion. I suggest you take a holiday, to the shower of course with my Coconut Scrub. It’s oiliest scrub of the lot. Translation: I get you glowing even when the sun don’t shine.

For babes who are a bit of everything
Ahh my combination skin babes, you are the quiet overachievers. A mixed bag of sometimes dry, sensitive, oily and dull but always babe’n. My Original Scrub is the perfect mix – tough on lumps and bumps, smooth on sensitive skin and hydrating all over without the oily finish. A mixed bag for a mixed bag.

Babes with battle scars.
From making babies to making it rain, there’s nothing you can’t do and there’s nothing wrong with a little battle scar to prove it. You’re a badass, with a great ass. But if those little marks are getting you down, gently rub any of my scrubs 3-4 times a week across them. Many babes have reported back reduced marks within a few weeks of using me. Follow my back side @frankfeedbck to see the results yourself.

Don’t have a type?

You should check out all my sides. Wink.



frank x