Men are simple creatures, we just want you to show up. #letsbefrank.

Men are simple creatures, we just want you to show up. #letsbefrank.

So, you have a date on Saturday night? Of course, you do.

With a face like that, you should have multiple. #letsbefrank.

A babe like you may go to great lengths to prepare for such an event. But as a guy, I thought I’d simplify it for you: this is what a guy likes, written by a guy. So your Saturday night prep can be over in the space of 15 minutes – not 15 hours. So you have more time for other things, like dating more men. It goes something like this…

We like skin.

Hair or no hair, however you fancy yourself we just want to touch your skin. My natural, vegan Original Coffee Scrub perks up your booty and smoothes over dry, rough skin. It doesn’t just make your skin touchable, it makes it plenty kissable, too.

We like a babe who glows.

That doesn’t mean caked on highlighter, beb. Get that lit-within-glow to match your lit AF personality with my Glow Mask: a natural face mask that makes you radiant in just 5 minutes. Pop it on before makeup and voila, you look like you spent last night enjoying beauty sleep, not booty sleep. I know you…

We like lips.

Red lips, yellow lips, pink lips, nude lips: we don’t care what colour you cover them in, we want in. Babes tell me my Lip Scrub works wonders on making your lipstick, er… stick. Coffee seed oil and ethically-sourced beeswax dusts off flaky lips to make them plump and juicy. Sweet.

We don’t care what you wear.

But, #letsbefrank, you do. If you’re going to wear something make it something fun. The babes at Missguided know all about that. I’ve had a quick look and trust me, anything on that site will grab my attention. Here are some of my personal faves:

Pink on pink, always in fashion. #letsbefrank.

missguided pink crop top

Let me grab my bike. And some legs to actually drive it.

missguided mustard jacket

This will do just fine.

missguided barbie swimsuit

Like what you see? Missguided are giving my babes a little somethin’ somethin’ off their range. Here are all the deets:

You’re an Aussie babe.

Go here.

Use this code: MGFRANK45

To get 45% off.

You’re in the UK.

Go here.

Use this code: FRANK20

To get 20% off.

You like your red cup parties, you’re an American babe.

Go here.

Use this code: FRANKMG40

To get 40% off.

Now just add to cart, babe. My work here is done.

Go get him.

x frank.

Men are simple creatures, we just want you to show up. #letsbefrank.