In conversation with co-founder and CMO Jess Hatzis on why frank body made the Everyday Range and what makes it so spesh.

Why should your face have all the fun?

“The whole philosophy of this range was to use face grade ingredients where we could. So we’ve got things like salicylic acid to clear breakouts, Kakadu Plum which is full of vitamin C to brighten the skin, and a really nourishing vitamin B.”

Good for the planet.

“At frank body, we know that it’s important to be better, all the time. We’re not perfect but we’re trying to improve. The first thing we’re doing is looking at how we can optimize our plastic to be made with 50% recycled plastics.”

On being clean.

“We’re not about fear-mongering at frank body, and there are so many ingredients that really get a bad rap when they don’t need to. But for us, wherever we could make better or smarter choices for what we included in our products, we did. That’s why we don’t use any PEGs or parabens or any nasty, synthetic ingredients that are going to irritate your skin. “

What makes Everyday?

“The key difference between the frank body core range and the frank body Everyday Range is really that clean statement. The frank body masterbrand range is 100% natural; we don’t use any synthetic ingredients. We do use some synthetics in the Everyday Range,  but they’re all tested and safe and really kind to your skin.”

The latest addition.

A Clearing Body Wash is packed with active ingredients like salicylic acid, Kakadu plum, and vitamin B to help babes banish breakouts and say hello to clear skin. It’s soap-free, gentle, and non-stripping (I’ll leave that to you, babe).

From Jess, “We created it for babes, by babes, and we really hope that you love it as much as we do.”