'Naturalist' is taking on a whole new meaning.

'Naturalist' is taking on a whole new meaning.

The ‘n’ word. It’s as common as the Danish word ‘hygge’; everyone talks about it, but no-one knows what it actually means. So, here’s my introduction to natural skincare. You can just imagine I’m Danish. Ja.

What’s natural skincare?

It’s skincare made from natural ingredients. Things you might find in your kitchen like coconut oil, coffee, even sea salt. Things that aren’t artificial or made up by a man in a lab. Translation: no synthetic chemicals or toxins.

Why are more and more babes getting into it?

Because there are some messed up things lurking in your skincare. Heard of urea? That releases formaldehydes which has been found to kick-off dermatitis and cancer creating stuff. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it absorbs anything it touches. Think of your pores as tiny little mouths gobbling up your moisturiser and cleanser, which eventually make their way deep into your bod. So it might look good on the surface, but it’s causing havoc underneath.

But does it actually work?

Natural skincare is now like Tinder. There are a lot of options out there and sometimes you wonder if it will really amount to anything. Natural skincare has come a long way. It’s no longer for hemp-wielding hippies. Natural skincare nourishes and repairs your skin from the outside-in, so you get skin that glows from health, not from a one-inch layer of highlighter.

So, how do I make the switch to natural skincare?

Open your bathroom cabinet and go into Operation Cull. Check the labels of your skincare products. Here are some common nasties you need to watch out for:

Not the ones found on your clothes line. It’s made from the same chemical that’s used in anti-freeze. That’s the stuff you pour into your car engine when you’re at the snow. That gives me the chills, beb.

Not as fun as para-gliding, #letsbefrank. A chemical preservative that stops bacteria and when you’re up for sexy times.

Just like its buddy above, it makes your hormones go cray. But not in a good way.

Soap, but not the fun kind. It rubs your skin the wrong way, causing irritation.

Mineral oil
AKA: petroleum. Clogs pores and causes blackheads.

Around 80% of the ingredients at the top make up most of the product, so keep an eye on those ones.

So what do you replace it with?

Natural stuff. I’ve made a list of what natural ingredients you can swap out for the nasty ones, here. They actually work, too.

Now go out and buy yourself something pretty. My Poreifics Kit and Mega Complexion Crew Kit are a good place to start: skincare kits made from natural ingredients to love your face and your bod.

You’re welcome.

x frank

'Naturalist' is taking on a whole new meaning.