Keeping a babe super smooth is all in a day’s work. I should know, it’s my job. From morning to night, I’m here to make sure you’re never dealing with a dry spell. Like, the kind that’s happening on your knees and elbows. And not to rub it in (wink) but I’m at the top of my game. After scrubbing and rubbing with me, babes report skin that is smoother, more vibrant, and more glowing. Sound like a situation you want to be in? Of course it does. Read on, and bookmark this routine. You’ll want to come back to it all day, every day.


Morning moisturiser: Butt First, Coffee Kit.


Wake up and smell the coffee. And then drink the coffee. And then slather the coffee all over your skin. This is how we do it. My Butt First, Coffee Kit is a caffeinated dynamic duo that’ll perk you right up. After the shower, dry off and mix my Perky Sculpting Body Hydrator with my Booty Drops Firming Oil. Why mix the two? For double the benefits and half the effort. Ingredients like coffee seed extract, acai, guarana, and shea butter work together to leave your skin radiantly smooth, firm and perky.


Moisture touch ups: Glide ’n’ Go: Body Oil Stick.

So you’ve showered. You’ve moisturized. You’ve had your cup of coffee (or three). Now it’s time to take on the day. Before you head out the door, remember to take me with you. My Glide ’n’ Go: Body Oil Stick is a convenient way to touch up your skin if you’re ever feeling dry (or want a little extra highlight on your collar bones). It’s perfect to use post-workout or before a date. And all it takes is one hand (there’s no need to rub it in). Has hydrating ever been this easy? 


Avocado and rosehip oils will get you glowing, while guarana helps tone. Talk about a midday pick me up.


Exfoliation: Alternate between AHA body lotion & coffee body scrub.


You may have heard that you should be exfoliating your skin 2-3 days a week. And it’s true. Dull, dry skin makes me sad, #letsbefrank. And the good news? You have options. You can alternate between using a chemical exfoliant like my Smoothing AHA Body Lotion, or a physical exfoliant like my Original Coffee Scrub. Both work wonders, just in their own ways. 


Not only do both exfoliate, they both hydrate. My coffee scrubs are made with natural oils like sweet almond oil to nourish every inch of your skin. And my AHA lotion is made with mango seed butter and macadamia seed oil. It’s a multitasker: sloughing away dead skin cells while moisturising your skin all night long. 


There you have it, babes. Follow these simple steps and you will have the best skin of your life. 


frank xx