With great lumps comes great responsibility.

With great lumps comes great responsibility.

We spend a lot of time looking ahead: in the mirror or at the boy down the road.

But sometimes the best things are right behind us, like the humble booty.

So let’s focus our attention on this beautiful area of your bod. Starting with…

Toosh Truth#1: The bigger your butt, the smarter you are.

A study in the UK found that women with a bigger butt have an excess of Omega 3 fats which can help with brain development. It also found that they have lower levels of cholesterol and can metabolise sugar more easily. But never fear my small-butted-babes, this just came from one study. Your butt is still brilliant and you still have a brain. No but(t)s about it.

Toosh Truth#2: Your booty is the most powerful muscle group.

It’s the area which supports the trunk of your body so you have the correct posture. It’s what helps you run to the bathroom for scrub-time and supports you when you booty drop so you don’t get a lower back injury. Amen.

Toosh Truth#3: It’s a built-in cushion.

You need this to claim prime sofa position. And for general life stuff. Duh.

Toosh Truth#4: It drives us wild.

Your booty is really just an extension of who you are. The way it wiggles when you jiggle, it’s almost laughing at us. And both genders just can’t get enough of it.

That’s why I keep a running commentary on them here @frank_bod.

Because the backside is the best side.

x frank.

With great lumps comes great responsibility.