Feeling more like a bear
and less like a babe?

Babes told me their top 5 winter woes
and I came up with a solution for each of them.
I'm clever like that.

Feeling more like a bear and less like a babe?

Babes told me their top 5 winter woes and I came up with a solution for each of them. I'm clever like that.

girl eating donut in bath tub
frank body babe in the bath tub with a donut
girl sitting on bed using body cream

frank, my skin is as dry and crinkly as polyester sheets.

Firstly, dial down the heat. A volcano-shower is no good for your skin, bebs.

Next, remove that layer of dead skin. Your moisturiser can't sink in without it. My natural coffee body scrubs buff away scaly skin & ingrown hairs. The high caffeine content also perks up droopy skin so it doesn't look so sad.

Now, hydrate. Swap out your light summer moisturiser for a heavier, winter one. Look for ingredients like shea & cocoa butter to nourish dry, irritated skin and keep rough patches away.

frank body cacao coffee scrub

Coffee Scrub

$18.95 USD

An antioxidant rich body scrub for extra dry skin.
- Roasted Coffee Grinds leave you even + smooth.
- Macadamia Oil intensely hydrates.
- Organic Cacao Extract softens.
- Almond Oil works on scars and marks.

Body Cream

$21.95 USD

A natural, creamy moisturiser for your entire body.
- Deeply hydrates dry skin.
- Caffeinated for supple, juicy skin.
- No added fragrance.
- Vegan & cruelty-free.

girl wearing pink straw hat

My hair is like last summer’s straw hat.

That hat was mighty cute, but #letsbefrank, only horses are into straw. Firstly, stop with the hairdryer for a bit. Try skipping the shampoo on the ends of your hair and use more conditioner, instead.

My Body Balm can also tame frizzy manes. My trio of coconut, almond & grapeseed oils smooth over dry ends, to keep the frizzies under your er… hat.

frank body body balm

Body Balm

$24.95 USD

A caffeinated balm to help stretch marks & dry skin after scrubbing.

girl wearing face mask with pigtails

My face is flaking off.

When the temperature drops, your skin gets sluggish. And hello, flaky face. To stop a build up, use a gentle exfoliator. My Creamy Face Scrub dusts off scaly skin, while replenishing it with rosehip, coconut, grapeseed & sweet almond oils. So your face will look rosy - but not red and raw.

Follow it up with a face mask that gives rather than takes. Go for a hydrating face mask rather than detoxifying. My Glow Mask is made with shea & cocoa butters to hydrate, while the antioxidant powers of cranberry & raspberry seed oils make your cheeks bright & bouncy. Sweet.

frank body creamy face scrub

Face Scrub

$21.95 USD

Get glowing skin in less than one minute.
- White Clay cleans pores + clears skin.
- Rosehip Oil works magic on scars + breakouts.
- Natural oils hydrate without clogging.

Frank Body Glow Mask

Glow Mask

$21.95 USD

Sleep in a bottle. A 5 minute moisturising mask for tired faces.
- Reduces puffiness.
- Coffee Seed Oil perks up skin.
- Goji Berry Extract gives even + glowing skin.
- Perfect pre-makeup or pre-meeting.

My lips are chapped.. And it’s not from kissing.

Always use protection. Go for a lip balm that protects and hydrates. Avoid petroleum because it makes your lips feel soft, but doesn’t actually do anything. My Lip Balm is petroleum-free and packed with Vitamin E to soothe and repair pouty pouts.

Don’t forget water, too. If you pinch your lips and they feel dry, it means your bod is dehydrated. So guzzle some water to get you hydrated from the inside - out.


Lip Balm

$11.95 USD

Quite possibly the world’s best lip balm.
- For plump, juicy, smooth lips.
- Multi-purpose: lips, nails, brows.
- Natural & petroleum-free.
- Soothes cracks & chaps.

girl laying in bed with pillow over head

I’m sick… again.

Winter is like Survivor, only the strongest make it outside. While I’d love to grant you immunity, we don’t live in a game show.

Instead, pop some echinacea or olive leaf extract to toughen you up. Some babes tell me a hot lemon water in the morning is also good to make you gut healthy, so you will be the last babe standing.