Think of your skin barrier as a nightclub bouncer. Letting the good guys in (moisture) and kicking out the bad guys (toxins). 

Why your skin barrier is important.

Your skin barrier is the top layer of your skin (AKA your microbiome) and when it’s compromised, it can’t do its job well. Like a bouncer who just lets anyone in—the vibes go downhill.

Your skin barrier is important because it’s the defensive layer between you and the outside world. When it’s damaged, it’s like a mask with holes in it. Not doing much to protect you.

How to protect your skin barrier.

Keep your barrier in tip-top shape through your skincare routine and lifestyle habits.

Introduce new products super slowly. 

Wear SPF. 

Get lots of sleep and try to stress less.

Be careful not to exfoliate too hard or fast.

Don’t use too many active ingredients at once.

Take care of your skin post treatment or waxing or laser.

Use microbiome-loving ingredients like ceramides in your skincare.

What are ceramides?

Like the mortar between the bricks of your skin cells, ceramides seal in moisture and make sure there are no holes in your microbiome. 

They support your barrier so your skin bouncers can do their job well. And you can find ceramides in my Super Ceramide Night Cream. Like a superhero for your skin, I’m here to protect and rescue your skin from damage.

The different types of ceramides.

There are 12 types of ceramides that your skin naturally creates. These have been labelled 1 to 12. Making sense so far? All of the different ceramides play a role in keeping your skin healthy.

In my night cream, I use ceramide NP and ceramide AP, also known as numbers 3 and 6.

They’re little legends at locking in moisture and protecting your barrier. It’s what makes my night cream so super. 

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