1 in 5 children globally are violence affected, and 90% of the violent committers are men.

1 in 5 children globally are violence affected, and 90% of the violent committers are men.

This is a man I’m happy to call a mate. Travis Burns is currently an ambassador for YGAP’s Polished Man campaign, which if you babes’ don’t know is a cause supporting the end to violence against children. How do they do it? Through males painting their fingernails.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Roll over to my girlfriend and give her a good morning kiss.

Then, what do you do?

Check my phone (who doesn’t).

You’re an Australian actor. What made you start acting?

I started off in photography, which then led into modelling and then acting. I’ve had a pretty whirlwind ride.

Who was your biggest source of inspiration getting into the acting scene?

When I did my first ever acting class, I was managing a cafe/restaurant at the time. During that class, I was completely lost in the moment. I forgot about everything else in the world for those 4 hours. It was that feeling that made me realise I had found something.

Biggest hurdle you came across?

America. I moved there for about 6-7 months. I found it really hard to attain an acting visa and therefore had to move back home.

Your time in America, despite the visa issues. How was it?

Awesome! I learnt so much about acting and also myself. I was forced into unfamiliar situations and I loved how that changed me.

What was the biggest difference you noticed?

Everything moves at a very fast pace. Everyone is working harder than the next person, and so on. It’s very inspiring once you get over the initial shock.

And your favourite bit about the States?

Being there was so motivating and I found myself working harder than ever. I wanted to better myself as a person, and an actor.

You’re part of YGAP’s Polished Man campaign. Can you tell me a bit about what this means to you?

Being involved in the campaign is a privilege. I love kids and I’d do as much as I possibly could to help them have the best possible future. Violence is something they should never experience.

How did you get involved?

A good friend of mine put me in touch with YGAP and they explained what the campaign was about and I jumped at the opportunity to help out and raise awareness.

The biggest thing you have learnt from the campaign?

For one, I didn’t realise how high the statistics were. 1 in 5 children globally are violence affected, and 90% of the violent committers are men.

You’re constantly in the spotlight – whether it’s acting or modelling. What’s your fitness/beauty regime like?

Fortunately, my mother and father have blessed me with great genes. I like to work out at least twice a week. That keeps me feeling healthy. Beauty wise, I have to make a conscious effort to keep my face clean every day and every night.

Any particular products or ingredients you use?

I use Dr Dennis to cleanse my face, and Aesop post shave lotion for a moisturiser.

Let’s talk babes:

What’s one thing you’d like babes to stop doing?

Being on their phones.

One thing you think they should do more of?

Staying off their phones.

Your favourite thing your girlfriend can wear?

She looks great in everything to be honest.

And that one fashion item you just don’t get?

Short shorts. No one wants to see your ass.

I agree, pins not ass, babes. #letsbefrank

Lastly, who’s the next person I should get dirty/dirty talk with? Go on; throw one of your bro’s in there.

A great friend of mine, who is an American director: Eric Locko.

Get involved today, babes. Before or after you scrub. I don’t mind.

To sign up or donate, please visit www.polishedman.com.au and #polishedman and ‘I prefer a #polishedman’.

xx frank

1 in 5 children globally are violence affected, and 90% of the violent committers are men.