Your skincare regime. Do you have one? "Neglect and not enough vitamin D. Welcome to New York."

Your skincare regime. Do you have one? "Neglect and not enough vitamin D. Welcome to New York."

They lend me their cafe. I frank-ify it. And we have a party. It’s a little pink, a lot of fun and completely caffeinated. Meet Luke & Ryan, Australian man-babes who have Sweatshop – 232 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn. 

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Luke: Open the pantry and stick my face in a bag of fresh coffee and take a huge whiff. Gets me going every day.

Ryan: Firstly I pat myself down to make sure I’m not dreaming. I found that out the hard way.


Luke: I make that coffee. And drink that coffee.

Ryan: Once I’ve established I’m well and truly not 3 deep in inception I usually chug a glass of water and make a bolt to the nearest coffee shop doing my best to avoid any human / animal interaction along the way.

Coffee or design. Pick one.

Luke: But why can’t we have both?

Ryan: Coffee design? That sounds like a dope gig…. I’m gunna roll with that.

How did you get into the coffee business?

Luke: Realised I was spending $20+ on lardayes a day so decided to make my own.

Ryan: I got into the Coffee Design* business…. but that was mainly because I just really digged the idea of what a cafe can provide as a space, meeting place and I guess blank canvas for so many cool and exciting things.

Why NYC?

Luke: Melting pot. Also I read a statistic that this city consumes 7 times the coffee than the rest of the world…

Ryan: The city is like nothing else in the world! It’s everything you imagined it to be, plus more. Also add in the fact that the city is filled with babes and you have yourself a home run.

What do you miss most about home?

Luke: Footy. I just can’t get into American sports.

Ryan: Trees….. is that a lame answer? Am I still dreaming?

Favourite Australian café and bar?

Luke: Mammoth!

Ryan: LBSS (wink wink nudge nudge)

The difference between American coffee and Australian?

Luke: Size. I really don’t need that much milk.

Ryan: What’s the difference between a medium rare steak and a piece of burnt meat on a stick? That really has nothing to do with the question but I think American coffee is too much about filters and reclaimed wood than making a dope drink in a chilled place to hang.

And breakfast?

Luke: It’s hard to find a good one, with a decent coffee. Plenty of bacon. And even more cheese. It’s hard to find poached eggs…

Ryan: Apart from the rainbow bagel the US actually rocks the breakfast game pretty well. Except it does seem to lack from the almost samurai skill needed to make an avo smash well.

Weirdest American coffee order to date?

Luke: Triple iced soy dirty chai latte with no cinnamon.

Ryan: “Can I see your license and registration please?” wasn’t really sure what he wanted but he was wasn’t too happy.

I’ve taken over your cafe. How do you feel about this? And more importantly how do you feel about pink?

Luke: Considering the very monochromatic aesthetic of our cafe, I was a little frightened. But you guys kept it tame.

Ryan: You say take over… I say one week holiday….keys are under the door mat and garbage day is Monday. I’ll send you a post card from Jamaica.

One piece of frank advice for the opposite sex?

Luke: Don’t even think about ordering decaf.

Ryan: “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry” – eat a snickers.

You’re taking one of my babes on a first date in NYC: where would you go?

Luke: Robertas for the best pizza you’ve ever had. I’m assuming your babes like pizza with extra sausage?

Ryan: Nowhere… I’d head home… my babe is already there. (cheesy but true)

And one piece of fashion advice to babes, “Just don’t wear…”

Luke: Pink.

Ryan: Uggs outside… not sure how that became a thing over here but trust the country that invented the things… they are for inside the house ONLY!

Have you ever thought, “Hey, I should rub this coffee on my body?”

Luke: Everyday.

Ryan: Sometimes…. but once that latte is all over me people in the subway generally start to look at me funny.

Your skincare regime. Do you have one?

Luke: Neglect and not enough vitamin D. Welcome to New York.

Ryan: Are you sure I’m not still dreaming?

Lastly, who should I get down and dirty and interview next?

Luke: Trump. Ask him how he’s gonna make Americanos great again.

Ryan: Khaleesi from GOT… I’m sure her skincare regime would be fire!

xx frank

Your skincare regime. Do you have one? "Neglect and not enough vitamin D. Welcome to New York."