Check my phone (To see me, of course)

Let’s be frank, I get to scrub a lot of babes. But Lisa Hamilton from @seewantshop, well, she’s particularly babe’n. So after we had a dirty scrub, we had a little dirty talk. Read on, frankfurt.

What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

What day is it?  (A day for scrubbing, perhaps?)

Then what’s the first thing you do?

Check my phone  (To see me, of course)

Are you a bath or shower girl?


Loofah or hands?

Both   (Ok, now I’m blushing)

Coffee or coffee?

Chai  (Chai, or dirty chai?)

Original, coconut or cacao?


Soap or body wash?

Body wash

If you were a scrub, what scent would you be?

Strawberry  (You are very sweet, makes sense)

Favourite babe on Instagram?

Victoria Tornegren  (Must stalk on Instagram)

What’s your favourite part of your body?

My eyes  (Yes, mine too. And your cheeks. The one near your eyes, I promise)

Do you have a #bodylove quote?

Embrace yourself  (Short & sweet, I like it)

Who should frank put on his To Scrub list?

Kendall Jenner  (frank likes this so much, he’s talking in third person). 

xx frank

Check my phone (To see me, of course)