When I feel like something sweet the first thing I go to would be a banana or berries.

When I feel like something sweet the first thing I go to would be a banana or berries.

1. As the new Face of Seafolly, you must know a thing or two about getting ready for the beach. How do you get your skin ready for a day in the sun?

When I plan to spend the day in the sun, there is one thing that I always do before I leave home – and that is to cover myself in sunscreen! So let this be another reminder to slip, slop, slap this summer!

2. How do you keep your bod hydrated and full of energy?

Of course I drink as much water as I can, however, a new favourite of mine is drinking coconut water on hot and humid days and after my workouts. I find that it’s more hydrating than water, it prevents muscle cramps, and it replenishes important electrolytes that you lose while working out. I also make sure that every meal has a good source of protein and carbs to give me energy. When I feel like something sweet the first thing I go to would be a banana or berries.

3. What are the 3 things we might find in your beach bag?

If I am already in my Seafolly bikini it will be my sunscreen, sunnies and hat! Can’t go wrong with that!

4. What do you love about the Australian beaches?

Did you know that Australia has over 10,000 beaches? I couldn’t believe it either! Our beautiful country is surrounded by stunning untouched beaches that’s free to visit and often you can get them all to yourself.

 5. I’m not one for clothes, but if you must wear a bikini, how do babes find the right one?

I love that the options today are endless! First I find the style of bikini that best compliments my body shape, then I look for a colour/s that matches my skin tone. Once I know what I am looking for can I then play around with prints and features until I find the right one!

6. How do you keep your mane in good condition after all that sand and surf?

Naturally I have curly frizzy hair, so not only do I have to look after it every day, I especially need to give my hair some TLC after spending a day at the beach. The salt in the water and air at the beach can dehydrate your hair, so it could leave your mane feeling brittle and dry. So I carefully choose my shampoo and conditioner to make sure it doesn’t dry it out my hair any further, I do a natural, nourishing mask once a week and when I style my hair I always use heat protection spray.

(Psst, frank here. You can also love up your mane with my Coconut Body Balm. It’s packed with nourishing natural oils to hydrate hair and calm frizz.)

7. How do you take care of your skin at the beach and after?

Personally I try to reapply sunscreen every hour while at the beach. But when the fun is over and it’s time to go home do I not only find that the saltwater seriously dried out my hair but it did the same with my skin! I found that oil based moisturisers are the best at rehydrating and locking in the moisture!

8.  Tell us something about yourself we may not know.

I absolutely love sport! I did artistic and rhythmic gymnastics for 10 years and throughout school I was part of the netball and athletic teams. But something you might not expect is that I represented my state at the Girls National Cricket Tournament in Namibia when I was 16 years old!

9. What makes a ‘babe’ to you?

I think we’re all babes. We’re all equally unique in our own ways and that’s what makes us beautiful!

10.  And finally, how do you take your coffee?

I always get a small cappuccino with no sugar 🙂

#letsbefrank, she’s sweet enough.

Want some more solutions to wild hair and crusty, sun-kissed skin? I’ve written some, here.

x frank.

When I feel like something sweet the first thing I go to would be a banana or berries.