Clock, meet your match.

Clock, meet your match.

Babe, we’ve all been there. The 3am text that leaves your room in shambles. The 6am meeting, that leads to contouring on the train and then there’s the accidental sleep-in (but we don’t talk about that one).

So, to give your bod the satisfying quickie you deserve here are my skin saviours for sleepy sinners.


The, ‘We’re meeting at 9. You should get here at 7” kind of morning

Rough starts call for a tough line of defence. My Sweet Cheeks Kit looks after you three times in one session and under 5 minutes. Apply a desired amount of Creamy Face Cleanser. Made with activated charcoal, it removes any leftover makeup and freshens you face. Next, apply a small amount of my Creamy Face Scrub. This gentle, targeted exfoliator uses a blend coffee, bamboo and walnut to gently buff away dry skin, helping to fade scars, pigmentation and uneven skin tones. Finish it off with my Everyday Face Moisturiser, to make sure your skin doesn’t stay lackluster in the office ambience, or lack thereof. You’ll be revving to go in no time.


The, ‘You up?” ‘Most definitely…(not)  wake up call

The only UV light that should be on your face at 3 is the sun’s, not your phone. Alas, when the mood strikes, it puts your clock in strife. For the ultimate ‘Oh, I just rolled out of bed glowing like this’ look, grab my Glow Mask. Wash your face and apply a thick layer of this cake scented mask all over. Leave it on for 5 minutes while you attend to other areas in need of  prep before meet then wash off. This cruelty-free and natural treatment uses a deeply hydrating duo of shea and cocoa butters to lock in your skin’s moisture, so it will never feel dry or dull. It’s the perfect base to apply make-up or leave you all natural for a dewy, hydrated look.


The, ‘I didn’t even hear the alarm go off’ panic

The alarm failed you this time babe but I never will. One word: Express-o – the name is catchy and the work is real. This creamy, caffeinated scrub was made for babes who have no time. It’s whipped, creamy texture means I stick to you, not the bathroom floor so you can spend less time cleaning and more time doing. Apply me on wet skin for a gentle exfoliation or dry patches like elbows that need a little love and care. Packed with cinnamon, this added spice keeps skin in check thanks to its antibacterial properties which help fight nasties like pimple, eczema and redness, naturally. Two minutes is all I need is two minutes to get your bod looking smoother than your bed hair.


To better mornings, babe.

frank x

Clock, meet your match.