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I think of muay thai as a delicious stirfry. It has some kick.

I think of muay thai as a delicious stirfry. It has some kick.

#letsbefrank, you’re a sporty spice. I love it. But not all babes are the same. What advice do you have for babes who aren’t so into exercise but want to take care of their bod?

Getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night and drinking plenty of water throughout the day will keep your body feeling fresh.

How do you fuel your bod before exercising?

I prefer to train in the mornings on an empty stomach (I just have a black coffee), then I make sure I refuel straight after to help my muscles recover.

How do you nourish it afterwards?

After morning training I always have a big breakfast of things like eggs, avocado, greens and haloumi.

You used to be a lawyer, what exercises would you recommend to babes who sit down at school or at an office a lot?

I used to make sure I got up from my desk to walk around every hour or so. Sometimes it would just be to the kitchen for some water or I’d head outside and walk around the block. Mini breaks for some fresh air and a change of scenery can boost your brain power and help you think more creatively.

You’ve woken up and having a ‘meh’ kind of morning how do you get motivated?

Coffee and music. I always pump something energetic in my car in the mornings while I drink my coffee to wake up.

Give us the lowdown on muay thai and boxing. What do you love about it and why is it good for babes?

It’s a full body workout that combines cardio fitness, intervals and body weight strength so it ticks all the boxes. Plus you’re learning new skills which keeps it interesting (and who doesn’t want to know how to protect themselves?).

What are three simple moves you could talk us through now?

Three basic moves in Muay Thai are straight punches, front or push kicks and knees.

Straight punches (e.g. jab, cross or one, two) are usually the first strikes that you learn and they’re important further down the track to set up other strikes like kicks and knees.

Front or push kicks are a great defensive weapon to push your opponent away when they try and get into your space.

Knees are one of my favourite moves and they score high in Muay Thai because they are hard to land and can do a lot of damage. Practising continuous knees on the spot or on the bag also gets your heart rate up super quick.

Babes love activewear, but do you need all that jazz? Can’t babes just exercise in bed?

Hahaha I love activewear but super silky luxury sheets on bare skin wins every time. I don’t see why jumping into bed couldn’t count as exercise…

Damn straight, Lilian.

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x frank.

I think of muay thai as a delicious stirfry. It has some kick.