Face it, the face gets special treatment. 

And most of us try hard to use the right products on our face to prevent signs of ageing. Lathering on the sunscreen. Retinol at night and vitamin C in the morning. Keeping our faces glazed like a donut. 

But our hands and neck are just as likely to show the same signs of ageing. The things you might be preventing on your face—fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots—can all show up on your neck and hands. So why wouldn’t you give them the same special treatment?

The truth is, your face goes all the way down to your neck and your hands are almost always exposed to the elements. 

Here’s how you can prevent signs of ageing on your hands and neck. If you’re into that sort of thing. 

Scrub with love.

Exfoliation gets rid of dirt and dead skin cells, but it also encourage new cells to regenerate. Read: great for anti-ageing. The skin on your neck and hands can be thinner than the rest of your body, just like your face. So gentle is the way to go. My Niacinamide Body Scrub exfoliates with sugar and magnesium salts in a rich, whipped texture. Packed with niacinamide to block free radicals; the pesky culprits of damage that causes signs of ageing. Use me in the shower or pop me next to your sink for luxurious hand washing.

The secret is serum.

It’s probably not a big secret that anti-ageing serums help prevent wrinkles, fine lines and signs of ageing. My Niacinamide Correcting Body Serum is rich in antioxidants to soothe, smooth and brighten skin, and repair damage from external stressors. Use me at night and make sure you take me all the way up to your neck and down to your fingers. Pop me in your bag to top up during the day, and I’ll make you smell berry nice with a sophisticated fruity scent.

I dream of sunscreen.

You probably know by now that using SPF is the number one way to prevent signs of ageing. Lather on my SPF50+ Hydrating Body Sunscreen for super hydrating, glowy, coconut-y protection. Bonus: You can also use me on your face. I’m generous like that.

Hydration station.

Moisturising keeps your hands and neck supple and healthy. Luckily my Niacinamide Correcting Body Serum and SPF50+ Hydrating Body Sunscreen are super hydrating. But don’t forget to also drink lots of water to ensure your body is hydrated. You didn’t buy that expensive, monogrammed two-litre water bottle for nothing.

Try necks-ercises.

Yep, exercises for your neck. Doing them regularly can help treat existing wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming. Tighter muscles mean tighter skin and less chance of sagging. Try this: tilt your head up to the sky and pout your lips like you’re waiting for a kiss. Then stick your tongue out (like the French do) and try to lick your chin. Hold for a count of five, then return. Congratulations, you’ve just necks-ercised.

Hot tip: The less you look down at your phone or computer, the better. Get that ergonomic office chair and scroll TikTok with your head up.

Protect your neck and make a plan for wrinkly hands. But remember that ageing is part of what makes life nice.