Modelling Vs Surfing: Nothing can kill you behind the camera... but it's still super nerve racking.

Modelling Vs Surfing: Nothing can kill you behind the camera... but it's still super nerve racking.

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?

The weather – always. Everything I do revolves around the weather; the tide, the swell etc.

Then, what’s the first thing you do?

Wake Courtney (my boyfriend) up. I’m up at 5am so he always gets my wakeup nudge.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I’m only 19 and grew up in the bluff being home-schooled so looking out my window and watching the surf, the waves were right in front of me. I’ve always loved every type of water activity so it seemed only natural to me.

How did modelling come into it?

I’m sponsored by RVCA so I travel for them surfing. It just so happened that people started to see me and view me as a potential modelling client. Being in some of the most tropical locations in the world, a surfer is their perfect fit.

People are often scared of the water / waves / sharks. These things don’t cross your mind?

I dive and fish a lot (you’re probably realising just how much I love the water now, right?!), and I think once you’re under the water and in their environment you start to understand how the act. You just have to jump in and see what happens.

Most memorable moment on your surfing adventures?

I meet so many amazing people, I’m very lucky. But, my favourite place is still home. I go places, love them, but you realise how much you take home for granted.

When you’re not in the water, you’re…?

I love to cook! And fish/dive (but I know, that’s water based). I also do a bit of clothing design on the side as a hobby. And I just got a husky pup so he takes up a lot of my time.
Cooking for me is the best though as I can catch seafood and use all freshest ingredients.

Top 3 travelling tips?

  1. I try and not overpack. I always have boards and backpacks etc. I figure take less, you can always buy.
  2. Stay really hydrated. If I don’t, I get really gnarly headaches. I also try and sit on the aisle as this means I’m constantly up and down for the toilet.
  3. Comfortable clothes. No heels here!

Modelling Vs Surfing: When are you more comfortable? On your board, or behind the camera?

Nothing can kill you behind the camera… but it’s still super nerve racking. You’re in a room surrounded by a bunch of people you don’t know. I love both however and know that you have to be confident and overcome everything. You have a job to do and just need to get it done.

There are a lot of pressures on young girls to look a certain way or feel a certain way. How do you deal with these pressures?

I have come from somewhere really isolated and I genuinely believe the bluff shaped the person I am. Since I left, no one has really tried to change me. People generally like the way I am and my attitude towards work and life. I’m just being who I am.

How do you stay fit and healthy, both for surfing and modelling?

I’m a really active person. I like to go go go all day and then crash. I do a lot of diving, swimming etc which uses every muscle in my body. I find that this keeps me super fit and healthy and my brain alert.

What’s your diet like?

It consists of a lot of fruit and vegetables. It’s what I know. We grew up with it – a snack was an orange or a carrot, a treat was a nectarine.

You spend majority of your time in the salt water. How do you find this affects your skin?

To be honest, I don’t know anything different so my skin really relies on the salt water. But I also use a lot of coconut oil to keep it well hydrated. Just not on my face.

And sun protection?

Yes! Always. Zink and a hat.

Lastly, who should I get down and dirty with next?

Margot Robbie. I wouldn’t say she is my idol or anything as I find I take little things from everyone but she’s pretty epic. Other than her, family members. They’re my idols.

xx frank

Modelling Vs Surfing: Nothing can kill you behind the camera... but it's still super nerve racking.