You’re about to pop. So are the pimples trying to make a getaway on your face.


One thing most expecting baby mummas and new baby mummas have in common is acne. Another is pickle cravings (don’t ask). Oh, and a baby.


I’ve got the lowdown on why acne during pregnancy happens & the best part: pregnancy acne treatment.


Surprise surprise: pregnancy acne is thanks to your hormones.

You know the ones that introduced themselves when puberty started? Well, they’re back. And they’re sad they weren’t invited to your last few birthday parties.


When you’re growing another human, your body does a lot of things to make their (temporary) home more cosy, like increasing hormone production. Specifically oestrogen and progesterone. A lot of progesterone can make your skin increase its oil production. Not only is there more oil, but it’s thicker. It’s what clogs your pores, causing inflammation and acne. 


Some babes break out more during pregnancy.

Here’s the thing: every babe is different. If you get pimples when your period’s in town or had acne at your high-school graduation, you have a higher chance of getting acne during pregnancy. But anyone can get it, depending how your body reacts to your hormones. Crying mostly. #letsbefrank

Pregnancy breakouts also like to pop up in new places, like your back or booty. Body breakouts are common during pregnancy. Along with stretch marks.



When does pregnancy acne happen? Is acne a pregnancy symptom?

Usually, in the first trimester. That’s when your progesterone sky-rockets and causes more oil production. Slick, babe. Pregnancy acne will most likely fade on its own after your baby is born, when hormone levels settle. 

If it doesn’t, it could be due to other things like sleep deprivation, stress, hormonal swings, and less time for skin care. Being a baby mumma is a full-time job.


How to treat pregnancy acne?

Want the secret to safe acne treatment during pregnancy? Go as natural and simple as possible so you don’t aggravate (read: piss off) your skin. Gentle products like my Charcoal Face Cleanser and Baby Mumma Kit are made with natural ingredients that will keep your pores clean and won’t upset your skin barrier. They can help with excess sebum and unwanted pimples during pregnancy.


Calming and nourishing products & ingredients also help. My Anti-Drama Face Mask is made with chamomile & charcoal to gently soothe skin that’s breaking out. 


Avoid using drying products, as your skin will overcompensate and produce even more oil. Moisturise: my Caffeinated Face Moisturiser is light enough that it won’t make you feel greasy or clog your pores.


If you’re worried, call up your dermatologist, GP, or skin therapist.



What to do with postpartum acne scars? 

Once you’ve got your baby (and new BFF), try something stronger like my Brightening Vitamin C Mask. My blend of AHAs Lactic and Glycolic acid, plus BHA Salicylic acid work together to dissolve dead skin and fade the appearance of scars. Including those caused from pregnancy acne or postpartum acne.


And remember, acne during pregnancy and acne after pregnancy is normal. You’re still a babe, before, after, and always.