Use my Caffeinated Scalp Scrub to remove flakes and start fresh.

Summer is my favourite season. A time for no worries and less clothing. Pool parties. Summer flings. Iced coffee. 


The change in temperature makes babes happy. But while you’re out drinking Passiona or enjoying a pash, your hair is stressing out. Along with the warmth comes the sun, salt water, and chlorine. They dry your hair out and can cause damage to it. 


So how do you keep your hair cool, while everything else is heating up?


Stay shady, babe.

Wear a hat or sit in the shade. It’s summering 101, #letsbefrank. The best way to avoid sun damage to your strands is to avoid it altogether. But I know a sun kissed babe when I see one, and this isn’t always possible. 



Rinse ASAP: as soon as pool-side. 

Salt and chlorine belong in the water, not your hair. Shampoo your hair as soon as you’ve located a shower: yours or the cute boy’s from the pool. After shampooing, use my Caffeinated Hair Mask to add back the moisture you lost. More hydrating than conditioner, it keeps strands nourished all summer and romance long. Tip: apply your hair mask at the same time as your face mask for less time in the shower, more time in the shallows.


Slip, slap, scrub.

Your scalp is hard to put sunscreen on, and sometimes you’ll miss a spot. A burnt scalp = a flaky, dry scalp. Use my Caffeinated Scalp Scrub to remove flakes and start fresh. It also cleans your scalp and removes chlorine and salt build-up. Healthy summer hair needs to be looked after from the source. 


Sun’s out, buns out.

Avoid heat styling. You’re hot enough, #letsbefrank. For beach babe waves, let it air-dry in a plait or a low bun. 


Extra tip for extra babes: if you’re breast stroking with a swim cap, put my Caffeinated Hair Mask on before putting your cap on. 

Not only will your hair receive extra protection from the chlorine and the cap, it’ll absorb the mask while you swim. Two birds, one babe. Exit pool, rinse, and strut into the sun.

xx frank