Flirting is a science, a hobby, a fun way to spend a Tuesday night. It’s also an art. And you can call me Leonardo Da Vinci. Or Dicaprio. Wink.


How you flirt is up to you. And every babe’s style is a little different. But I like my DMs to the point and a little dirty. So here are four ways to flirt, no hesitations or strings attached. 


Step 1. Make the first move.

Whether it’s a snap, a DM, a swipe, or even an email. I see you, old school babes. Because #letsbefrank, this isn’t a Hollywood rom-com and Jacob Elordi isn’t going to magically appear at your kissing booth. Good things come to those who hit send. 


Step 2. Get intimate. Verbally, babe.

Ask them a question. “Do you like spicy food? How about spicy margs?” Give a compliment and don’t be afraid to be specific: tell them that you like their bangs or that they have good taste in electronic music. Even better, package it up as two for one. “Are you as smooth off the dance floor as you are on it?”


Step 3. Remember body language.

It’s my favourite way to speak. Maintain eye contact when they’re speaking. Brush your knees against theirs if you’re sitting next to them. Don’t cross your arms. Or do. If they’re the right one for you, they’ll like you regardless. 


Step 4. Show them some eye candy. 

Send a gif. Everyone likes cats playing pianos. Or a selfie. Your face is so cute, who wouldn’t want to find it on their phone. Or even a video. Putting together your third IKEA flatpack for the day? Document it. Plan to build furniture together. 


The best way to flirt? Be yourself. Blah blah blah, you’ve heard it all before. Because it’s true. Pretending to like techno to impress someone? It’s an act that’s hard to keep up. Instead, find someone who loves that you listen to the soundtrack of Burlesque on repeat. 


And never forget to flirt with yourself. 


x frank