Bookmark this page for your next Sunday and let’s make your hangover one to remember.

Bookmark this page for your next Sunday and let’s make your hangover one to remember.

For those of you who are reading this hungover, I’ve made this simple with categories. You’re welcome.

The weird and wonderful.

Chilli and orgasms. Both of these stimulate endorphins (your brain’s excited chemicals), which will leave you feeling fabulous. So, get frisky and then eat a chilli omelette. Win-win.

Buy a deck chair and relax in your shower. Scrub with my Peppermint Coffee Scrub to wash away those Sunday sweats.

Tie a belt around your head. @pamela_stangias informs me that this will relieve pressure in your head and walah, headache gone. YOLO…

The body related ones.

Frozen spoons placed under your eyes. I know what you’re thinking. What the frank are you on about? De-puff and relax, babe. If that doesn’t work my Glow Mask will zap puff pillow face in just 5 minutes.

Draw the attention somewhere else. Pop on red lipstick or some thick eyeliner, this trick highlights your assets so you can focus on the important things, like what to order for brunch.

A cute pair of sunnies. Because you’re cute – puffy eyes aren’t.

The food related ones.

I hear pickle juice has superpowers that will pick(le) you right up. One shot of this before bed, please. Perhaps it’s because it smells like a cheeseburger. Yum.

This one goes out to @mriaflowrs, a very wise babe, who once said ‘Eat carbs and listen to Enya.’ For my Aussie babes, vegemite toast. For my US babes, In n’ Out burgers. For my babes who don’t know what all of these are, order more wine. Nothing says carpe diem like hair of the dog, #letsbefrank.

Some other favourites include, bagels (preferably fetched by boyfriends), pizza (accompanied with candles) or french fries (in any way, shape or form). Don’t worry, my Sweet Cheeks Kit will do the mopping up. Grease included.

The useful ones.

Activated charcoal. A popular one amongst you all. This guy traps all of your toxins and carries them out of your bod. I’ve got news for you babe: my Creamy Face Cleanser contains charcoal and is here to help your skin do the same.

Electrolytes. This may mean Powerade, or Pedialyte or something else depending where in the world you are. Who knows. All I do know, is that you babes live on this stuff when you’re hungover. Electrolytes will balance you out and leave you hydrated AF.

Sleep. No wonder you babes are so beautiful, you love beauty sleep. I suggest a Sex & The City marathon, napping one episode on and off. #letsbefrank there is only so much Carrie a babe can take.

There you have it, hangover hacks by all frankfurts for all of my frankfurts, because #letsbefrank sharing is caring. Now, no babe will be left behind. So, bookmark this page for your next Sunday and let’s make your hangover one to remember.

Lastly, don’t forget your #1 hangover hack: me.

x frank