Four mini coffee scrubs that fit perfectly in your hand luggage.

I can’t wait to go on holiday with you. That’s why I created The Grind High Club, four mini coffee scrubs in Original, Coconut, Cacao and Peppermint so you’re ready for the beach, the slopes or the shops. Just tell me where you’re going and I’ll tell you which of my gang to take with you.

“I’m going somewhere hot.”

Start by scrubbing your bod with my Coconut Coffee Scrub. You’re going to want smooth, silky skin when you slip into your bikini, aren’t you? Hydrate your skin after a day out and about with my coffee and oil-based Body Balm. It’s packed with things like coconut oil and beeswax to replace lost moisture. It also doubles as a highlighter on your cheeks and a great treatment in your hair to protect it before you go swimming.

“I’m going somewhere cold.”

My Cacao Coffee Scrub is the perfect winter treat. Jump in a nice hot shower and get dirty with this coffee scrub that smells like chocolate cake. Before you head outside each day, cover your bod in my rich, hydrating Body Cream to protect yourself from wind and icy cold air. My Lip Duo will be your best friend. Going between heaters and the cold outside can wreak havoc on a babe’s pout. My Lip Scrub will buff away chapped skin and a slick of my lanolin based Lip Balm will keep your lips protected from everything except kisses.

“I’m going somewhere to spend all of my money.”

#letsbefrank I know how this story goes. Babe wakes up. Babe goes shopping all day. Babe drinks cocktail. Babes goes to sleep late. And repeat. Shopping is tiring so you want is something to reinvigorate your senses before you start doing laps of Fifth Avenue. That’s where my Peppermint Coffee Scrub comes in handy. Native mint will wake you up, while a mix of Robusta and green coffee beans buff away dry skin so your bod looks bangin’ no matter what you try on.

“I’m going to a health retreat.”

Detoxing your bod is also the perfect time to detox your skin. My Creamy Face Cleanser is rich in charcoal, the king of cleaning. Use it every morning and night to draw out any nasties that are hiding in there.

You pick the destination and I’ll meet you there, babe.

xx frank

P.S. Thanks to photographer-babe @raisedbythewolves for the pic.