Whether you’re a loved up babe or a babe from another era, I’ve got your tunes covered.

Whether you’re a loved up babe or a babe from another era, I’ve got your tunes covered.

Life without music, is like life without me: bland. If we want to get all scientific, music can alter our mood. It can heal the body, mind and spirit. A bit like me really.

So I’ve combined our powers – with playlists.

For early bird babes.

You’re up with the sun and away with the birds. Let’s channel that perkiness with some tunes. Picking up your morning cuppa? Hit play on ‘Coffee & TV’ by Blur. Walking to yoga? ‘Happy’ by Pharrell will pick up the pace. Getting ready for the day? Hit the shower and press play on ‘Steal My Sunshine’ by Len. I’ll never steal your sunshine, I’ll make you shine with my Peppermint Coffee Scrub, of course. The roast and ground coffee beans, salt and sugar will unclog those sweaty pores. While the native mint extract will wake up your mind and body to increase concentration and mental agility. Just what you need for an early morning dance-off.

For loved up babes.

One word: Whitney. She’s the babe I turn to when I want to belt out that high note. And #letsbefrank, all babes do. Work on your vocal gymnastics with Whitney’s famous track, ‘I Will Always Love You’. Because when you’re all loved up, you have no hesitation in trying to reach mezzo soprano (that’s the second highest female voice type, babe).

Got some company in the tub? Dance with your man / lady / crush / new friend / next-day-regret to Queen’s ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’. Finish the shower shuffle with my Body Balm turned massage oil. Just what you need to smooth things over.

For boogie babes.

I know how this goes: babe wants to go out on a Tuesday night; babe rounds up other babes; babes get together to get ready; babes want tunes. Cue: me.

I’ve got some ‘Hotline Bling’ and some Major Laser ready to go. Just stand still while you apply that lipstick. Want a good base for that pash-worthy pout? Scrub first, with my Lip Duo of course. The raw sugar gently exfoliates your lips for a super-soft pout. And it tastes delicious.

For babes beyond their years.

Age ain’t nothing but a number (thanks Aaliyah). That’s when your digits say one thing, but your musical tastes say another. Never fear babe, frank is here. I’ve created playlists for all you time travelling babes. Whether you’re born in the 80s, 90s or have been teleported from 60s, I have something for you. And #letsbefrank you’re not into the heavily produced, auto-tune tunes. You just want the originals. Like Madonna, Stevie Wonder and The Police. Kind of like my Original Coffee Scrub. It targets dry skin, leaving you soft and supple. Just what you need after you’ve been frozen and catapulted into the future.

And I take requests. Hit me up on Twitter and on frank body’s Spotify channel @frank_bod. Because every scrub date needs music.

xx frank

Whether you’re a loved up babe or a babe from another era, I’ve got your tunes covered.