The unsung hero of any hair routine? Two words: Dry shampoo. You’ll find some in almost any babe’s bathroom cabinet, and for good reason. More oomph, less oil, and an excuse to press snooze (twice). #letsbefrank, skipping an extra hair wash is always a win — but want to know what’s not? That dreaded white cast left behind. *cue the shrieking*


To all of my brunettes, red heads, and babes with jet black hair: you’ve probably experienced this horror before. No one wants chalky roots, even if it means saving time in the morning. There’s a right way and a wrong way to use dry shampoo. Get ready to take notes.


1. Prepare your hair.

The purpose isn’t to cover your entire head with dry shampoo — just where it needs a pick-me-up. Use a comb or brush to part your hair into 1”-2” sections, starting with the oiliest areas.


2. Tame the oily beast.

If you’re using a powder-based dry shampoo, you have two options for how to evenly distribute the product: with a fluffy brush (a clean makeup brush will do) or your fingers. My Dry Clean Volume Powder is the perfect alternative to the traditional dry shampoo spray. No aerosol, no worries.

It’s also a dry shampoo for brown, black, red, and yes — even purple hair. When you apply it right, no unsightly white cast will stick around.

And before you start getting powder happy, remember: a little goes a long way.


3. Practice, patience.

Give your dry shampoo a minute or two to work its magic on your day two hair. Use this as a chance to practice your smize in the mirror.


4. Flip and shake it like a polaroid picture.

After the dry shampoo has taken care of your oily scalp, tousle your hair a bit and run a brush from the roots to the ends to avoid product build-up. My dark-haired babes can head out the door (or log onto Zoom) without worrying about any white residue. That’s right, my Dry Clean Volume Powder does not give you the dreaded grey roots. 

Just don’t forget to flip your hair over for extra volume.


Hot Tips:

Did you wake up like this? Yes, yes you did. Thanks to dry shampoo. For fresh hair in the morning, be proactive and shake some volumizing powder on your scalp before sleeping to absorb excess oil. 


And it has to be said: dry shampoo isn’t a replacement for an actual hair wash. After day three you might want to schedule in an extra long shower. Just think of it as well-deserved me-time. I’ll see you there, babe.