Decoding your exfoliants can be rough. Between physical and chemical, it can get more confusing than decoding that f*ck boy’s DM. So let me do the honours, babe.

First off, exfoliation is defined as ‘causing (a surface) to shed material in scales or layers.’ 

Put simply: exfoliation works to remove dead skin cells squatting on your skin. 

Put complexly: there are two ways this can be done; using physical exfoliation methods, or chemical.

Let’s dirty talk about both, starting with the physical (wink).


What is physical exfoliation? 

If you’re a busy-babe (and #letsbefrank, you are) dirt and dead skin cells can build up on your skin, leading to clogged pores and breakouts. This is where physical exfoliation comes in. And just like a first date, it’s surface level stuff, babe.

For your face, my Original Face Scrub contains a blend of coffee, bamboo, and walnut to clean out pores and buff away dry, dead skin cells. My job? I give flaky skin the flick, and reveal a babe’s flawless complexion underneath it.


What is chemical exfoliation?

Think of it like good chemistry; gentle and seamless, but when I work my magic, you’ll know about it, babe.

For your face, my Brightening Vitamin C Mask gently breaks down the BS that’s built up on your skin over time. How? Papaya & Pineapple Extract and Glycolic Acid. Put on your lab coat, and let me explain. Papaya & Pineapple Extract and Glycolic Acid contains enzymes that gently dissolve dead skin cells and reveal soft, smooth texture in its wake. 


Now that we’ve faced the facts, let’s turn to face your scalp.

Because when I say head to toe skincare, I mean it.

PSA: Scalp care is skincare is self care.

Write that down, babe.

Your scalp has a good view, sure, but it’s also prone to elements that leave your hair feeling like a natural disaster. Hairspray, gel, dye, chlorine, sweat, air-conditioner, mousse (not the chocolate kind), teasing (not the foreplay kind) – all add up and affect your scalp and hair health. 

So how do we get rid of product buildup?

We break it down. Literally.


 Physical Exfoliation with my Caffeinated Scalp Scrub

I’m made with natural ingredients like coffee and rosemary to detoxify your scalp and reveal healthier, shinier hair that stays cleaner for longer, too.
Remember babe: I’d rather put your knickers in a knot, than your hair in one.

Babes like me as their heavy duty exfoliator that does the job thoroughly.


Chemical Exfoliation with my Exfoliating Scalp Serum

I’m a water-based, hydrating serum and the perfect solution for babes who love a spritz & spray. I use lactic acid to dissolve dead skin to reveal a flake free head, and hair with a Happily Ever After. Hello holy wedlock(s).

For sensitive babes, chemical exfoliation may be best for you as it’s the most gentle form of exfoliation. On the flipside, physical exfoliation is good for babes who like it a little dirtier, rougher, faster. And for babes who can’t decide, mix and match between the two to keep your tresses on their toes. 

*Cue Babe Thought Bubble*:
“With all that being said, what is best; chemical or physical exfoliation?”


The truth is babe, it’s up to you. 

It’s your scalp, your skin, your choice.


frank xx