That guy? He was so last year.

That guy? He was so last year.

#letsbefrank, New Year’s resolutions they need something well, new.

My babes hear all the same things: eat this, drink that, do more, do less, turn in a circle and pat your head.

Like most things in life, I’m going to mess things up a little; that goes for your bathroom, your bedroom and those New Year’s resolutions.

Here are some I prepared earlier:

Resolution #23: To save more (Snapchat stories).

This is the only investment that truly pays off. Especially on birthdays. #letsbefrank.

Resolution #64: To find love (in a hopeless place).

Thanks bad girl, Ri Ri.

Resolution #101: To drink less (cheap) champagne.

A babe needs standards. #letsbefrank.

Resolution #111: To express myself (in the shower).

Or publicly on Instagram @frank_bod.

Resolution #140: To lose weight (from my suitcase).

Fortunately, I weigh less than those three pairs of clogs.

Resolution #173: To quit smoking (e-cigarettes).

The added ‘e’ doesn’t mean they’re any cooler.

Resolution #201: To write more (guest) lists.

Because #letsbefrank, that’s the only one you’ll love ticking.

Resolution #234: To eat more green (skittles).

Because they always get left behind. Consider it a service – to lollies globally.

Got some ideas of your own?

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x frank

That guy? He was so last year.